~John Adegboye

In 2021, I had anxiety disorder with chronic depression. The medical practitioner who observed me told me that if my heart kept piloting itself at that rate, it could burst at any time. After a while, I began to have stroke symptoms on the left side of my body. Depression made me isolate myself and contemplate suicide. However, I didn’t stop praying and listening to chants and messages. 

Like Pastor Lawrence taught us in church, allowing the Holy Spirit to give you feedback is good. I always prayed like a madman and spoke in tongues, but I didn’t get any feedback. One night, I spoke to God and saw a Scripture as I closed my eyes. I opened my Bible, and suddenly the seal upon that verse was broken, and the life in it pierced into me like an arrow. My life took a 360 degrees turn because of a particular verse some people may read and glance over. Now, I am transformed mentally. Glory to God!

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