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Share your DGC Testimony with us

I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds. Psalm 9 vs 1

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  1. I want to thank God for the gift of this great family.
    I joined DGC in April, and I can see that truly the lord is here.
    After the miracle service on Sunday, I went home filling so fulfilled because I was so sure God will come through, i knew the prayer hitted where it should.
    While going to work on Monday,I took a bike and as I was about to alight , the bike man with another maruwa man and another bike man almost collided, and with the shock we almost fell that I shouted Jesus.
    The fall was crazy and I just started saying thank you Jesus, and i knew we didn’t fall because God came through and I am aware that I am a David and a David doesn’t fall.
    I just kept singing , and the Muslim man in my front also started his own, and I just said I pray you know it early because Jesus is sweet ,while I dropped.

    On Tuesday,my boss at work told me that she will be getting me the things that I paid for,that’s around 60k plus which is compulsory for me to have, but she hasn’t gotten it since I paid April.
    I told her okay,and suddenly she said is it even necessary,that I should send my account number so she will refund it . I did not even take her serious,but she was even calling me around to help me refund the money immediately which she did,meaning when I am been asked she will stand in gap for me,and the other things I need to get, I should not worry.

    Also that day,I met someone which I didn’t even plan and she has been of great help to me .

    On Wednesday, I was called that my documents for a particular interview has been done,and me I have been waiting all since,not knowing that nothing as been done. I had just been waiting for nothing,but I was told that my necessary information was just gotten that day and that the documents are ready and I should be getting a feedback.

    On Friday afternoon,I was sent a message on when to come for the interview and I just shouted Oluwa oshe o.and that there’s nothing to worry about.
    And I know that by the time I go, everything would have been sorted out.
    Also concerning my health, since pastor prayed for our health in April , that was the last time I used my inhaler, I have never had a reason to use it.
    And on my spiritual life, I’m coming stronger.
    God has really been good, I have been looking forward to a day when I will share my testimony, and I am glad I am today.

    Thank you Pastor Lawrence, Thank you Pastor Victor and Thank you Mama Dara.
    I’m glad to be a part of this family, the lord is really here.

  2. I want to thank God for the gift of this great family.
    I joined DGC in April, and I can see that truly the lord is here.
    After the miracle service on Sunday, I went home filling so fulfilled because I was so sure God will come through, i knew the prayer hitted where it should.
    While going to work on Monday,I took a bike and as I was about to alight , the bike man with another maruwa man and another bike man almost collided, and with the shock we almost fell that I shouted Jesus.
    The fall was crazy and I just started saying thank you Jesus, and i knew we didn’t fall because God came through and I am aware that I am a David and a David doesn’t fall.
    I just kept singing , and the Muslim man in my front also started his own, and I just said I pray you know it early because Jesus is sweet ,while I dropped.

    On Tuesday,my boss at work told me that she will be getting me the things that I paid for,that’s around 60k plus which is compulsory for me to have, but she hasn’t gotten it since I paid April.
    I told her okay,and suddenly she said is it even necessary,that I should send my account number so she will refund it . I did not even take her serious,but she was even calling me around to help me refund the money immediately which she did,meaning when I am been asked she will stand in gap for me,and the other things I need to get, I should not worry.

    Also that day,I met someone which I didn’t even plan and she has been of great help to me .

    On Wednesday, I was called that my documents for a particular interview has been done,and me I have been waiting all since,not knowing that nothing as been done. I had just been waiting for nothing,but I was told that my necessary information was just gotten that day and that the documents are ready and I should be getting a feedback.

    On Friday afternoon,I was sent a message on when to come for the interview and I just shouted Oluwa oshe o.and that there’s nothing to worry about.
    And I know that by the time I go, everything would have been sorted out.
    Also concerning my health, since pastor prayed for our health in April , that was the last time I used my inhaler, I have never had a reason to use it.
    And on my spiritual life, I’m coming stronger.
    God has really been good, I have been looking forward to a day when I will share my testimony, and I am glad I am today.

    Thank you Pastor Lawrence, Thank you Pastor Victor and Thank you Mama Dara.
    I’m glad to be a part of this family, the lord is really here.

  3. Praise The Lord David Generation,
    My name is Ruth though I am physically not in person to worship with you I thank The Lord for allowing me to join in from Germany.
    Some months ago I slipped (unbeknownst to me) and walked in disobedience and by the time I realised it I had lost alot. Among the things I’d lost was something super precious to me; intimacy with my Lover, our Lord Jesus Christ. On finding out my wrong I immediately began my journey back to Him especially to our secret place of intimacy. It became so hard for me to forgive myself, reconciling with myself had been a challenge.
    I can’t remember how but The Holy Spirit in His mercies and mysterious ways lead me to stream an online Sunday service at Davidic Gen. To say the least, it was and has been since then as though the entire sermons The Lord is speaking to me directly and restoring me. The Holy Spirit will even confirms the entire sermons through and through. Now by His grace I am restored to that secret place, and will abide here perpetually. For this I bless the Lord and give Him glory and also thank you for being obedient to Him. Your obedience to him changes a whole generation.
    So a while ago The Lord told me to study David and I was kinda overwhelmed and ran away, scared of what lies ahead of me in terms of my ministry or part in the Kingdom. I kinda did a brush up later but that was it. Only when I started watching the teachings on here did I understand myself (my identity/assignment) in the Kingdom. Thank you to the great shepherds in this place and to each member of this church. You truly have been a huge blessing to and many. God abundant blessings shall you not escape.
    Ontop of that I received my deliverance as the service was going on I’ve been dry usually I am very creative, but was just dry and as the service went on I got delivered and the blurriness that was covering me left. Now I am free. I give God all the glory for what He has done, and keeps doing through this ministry.

    God bless you may you all never run dry in Jesus Name.


  4. Good morning Davids
    God is faithful to me,during the Sunday service last week Pastor Lawrence said we should engage in praise the entire week,So I did every morning when I woke up the first thing I did was to sing a song of praise,I was just joyful knowing that I have a father that will always come through for me and He did come through for me.Before the end of the week money that I have never handled entered my account,I just want to give glory to God for his faithfulness
    Praise God!!!!!

  5. Good morning and win today Davids.
    Praise God. My name is Brenda
    I have two testimonies today. I am so full of Joy and GOD’S grace is in this house ohh. It I was on Wednesday time of for me to leave the hospital, but I do not know what kept me back and immediately I wanted to leave a case was brought in (apparently let me say a death baby of 3years)and the mother said since in the morning 8am this child has not eating and on a normal she use to have convulsions and she left her on the bed and it’s 4pm and the baby is not respond to anything everyone else was running to make a quick recitation including me.
    It came to me that this child can not die I am hear and at this point everything attention was on this baby was not working the mother was crying and saying if she gone tell me I am going with her is in I want to die with her( it was a the same time my prayer watch started so I keyed in with faith but I did n’t even open my phone to go to the prayer group), I left the room went to kitchen and I said let me bring water and when I took it I said as I go back let this child live and I went back I saw the baby immediate I entered the baby said mama. The water in my hand was like because she said mama water.
    I said kai!!!! GOD this can only be You and the cup in my hand the baby said water and she drank.
    Last week I had to make some days in the maternity before I was appointed to work there my colleagues kept telling me that these women don’t want to give birth oh at 7- 9cm the have no strength to push some even end up in Labor for days and I just told her this things are not norm so she said I couldn’t have told you everything about you is spirit then I told her is not you it was not you that told then she was ha which one is that again I am the one that just said what I said na, when I went there I entered the ward I greeted and left went to do necessary things for Dr time to check and I started hearing different shouts and I was wondering it’s an emergency case and behold 2 women in labor all of the gave birth and I had the honor to dress them guess I and I said their ears you at bless etc..
    I am greatful and privlage to be used by GOD.
    My God the God of DGC IS FAITHFUL. That day my colleague was WOWED!!! I told her nothing is Impossible with GOD I worked morning and by morning 2 women gave birth again the next day I can a woman came in and gave birth Twins through normal delivery and it was not looking like it because the Dr’a we’re preparing here for and operation already and many other births. I can testify to fact that my Prayer watch was part of this.
    I love the Pastorate(Pst Lawrence, Mama D, Pst Victor)
    I Love watch members.
    I Love DGC.

  6. What would I do without your love, Living Bread and Water.
    Absolutely nothing!
    Last week, Pastor prayed that “what challenged our joy the previous week will crush”. Of course, I responded with a resounding Amen. I could remember that one of the things that challenged my previous week was lack of funds.
    So, I woke up on Tuesday with a genuinely grateful heart and realised that I just kept saying “thank you, Jesus” non stop. After a couple of minutes, I noticed the text message icon at the notification bar, I swiped down and boom it was a credit alert for a particular FG grant that I applied for, reluctantly. I leaped for joy undignified with another shout of thank you, Jesus. I have heard a number of testimonies of how God opens the floodgate of heaven to release showers of favour on people but this particular one left me in awe. I can’t fathom it. God’s favour searched for me and thankfully, my location was on and of course my visibility. Lo and behold, Favour found me and delivered.
    Favour please, let’s do this again because it can be moreee…rain is really falling o.
    Thank you, Pastor Lawrence, Mama like no other(Mama Dee) and Pastor Victor. Thank you, DGC.
    The church of God shall continually march forward and the gate of hell shall not prevail against it in Jesus name. Amen

  7. Hello Davids. I want to thank God for divine healing. Last week, for 3 days there was an excruciating pain in my tummy that wouldn’t go even after treating it medically. This pain made it difficult for me to eat as everytime I swallowed anything, the pain would surface again. It escalated on Saturday night. I couldn’t sleep through the night cos the pain became like sharp knives been inserted into my tummy at intervals. I prayed amidst the pain but it only stopped and started again. I came to church on Sunday trusting God that I’m not going back the same.
    At the beginning of service, I felt the pain but did my best to ignore it. I spoke to it and said it wouldn’t distract me from worshipping God. Throughout service I kept trusting God that I wasn’t going back with the pain. It wasn’t until the final prayers during service that I felt a wind hit my tummy and I instantly felt relieved. I knew at once that God had touched me and for that I want to say a big Thank You Jesus!

  8. Hello Davids. This testimony is long overdue. During the November breakthrough prayer, I was in church all through with the rest of us. Testimonies were coming right, front and centre, nothing was coming forth from my end. People were having encounters everywhere and I wondered if I wasn’t doing something right cause nothing was happening. The devil used all of these things to attack my faith but one of the days, Pastor Lawrence encouraged those who have not started seeing physical manifestations yet. It was as if he saw through me cause I almost gave up but it encouraged me to continue.
    I lost my previous job and have been trusting God for one for so long. I intentionally didn’t apply for jobs in Lagos cause I had just joined the church and it truly was home. I finally found a place for me so I didn’t even want to think outside Ibadan. After the breakthrough prayers, I knew in my spirit that I had to move to Lagos. A particular Sunday in January, while Pastor declared over us, he spoke about being visible, I knew that word was for me, that week interview invitations started coming in. I finally got a job in Lagos.
    Second testimony is that DGC is coming to Lagos, baba God you do this one. A big thank you to the Pastorates, workers and members. I miss physical service so much, online service isn’t enough but then we thank God.
    Church, one thing DGC is known for is favour, kindly speak this into my life. Favour all round. God bless everyone. See this love I have for everyone, e no dey finish.
    Glory to God forever!

  9. Happy Sunday Davids, I trust we are all doing well.. My name is Dorcas.
    I went for a program last month and the man of God spoke about Favour, My Pastor also declared it and I can remember us singing the song ‘Favour is coming’ one particular Sunday.
    I want to thank the Lord for Favour, I have been receiving Favour from where I wasn’t even expecting it.
    I have a Food brand which is almost 2 years now.. There wasn’t any sales and I almost gave up at a point.. Then I reconsidered and was like Omo, let me continue jare, Rome wasn’t built in a day.
    So last week, my elder sister’s friend texted me and she said she has been trying to reach me that where have I been, then I told her I was off WhatsApp.. She then said she needs someone in Lagos that could help her make small chops, I told her that I come to Lagos from time to time so I can make it for her then she gave me the contract.
    As if that wasn’t enough!!!
    That same week, my mum’s friend from the US called my mum and she asked how we were, she was like which of them is doing food and my mum said me then she said she wants to talk to me.
    She said she has been seeing my posts and she follows all my social media handles, that she likes what she’s seeing.. Then she told me that they’re coming to Nigeria in few months time to celebrate her mum’s birthday party, that she’d give me what to do, I said Okay ma, then I took the matter to God that night.
    The next day, she texted me saying can I make Chapman drink for a large amount of people, then I told her Yes, she then asked for my Call line and I gave it to her.
    Few minutes later, I received her call, she said that she wants to me to make it for 300 people, that she has someone that she uses and that she has given him the contract already but she would cancel it with him and give it to me.
    She told me to calculate costs and get back to her soon.
    That’s the story of how I received a contract in 6 digitssss
    God is real o and he’s still performing miracles!!
    I want to say a very big Thank You to Pastor Lawrence Oyor, Mumsy Dara and Pastor Victor Akuwa.
    The anointing of God on your lives shall never run dry in the name of Jesus.
    Thank you Davidic Generation, I love you all!!

  10. I want to thank God for His unfailing love and faithfulness in my life.
    It happened that as were approaching exams in January, I noticed that it was getting difficult for me to understand and retain everything I was reading (plus the ones I knew earlier were diminishing) which was very unusual but I thought to myself, “it’s not only me, everyone else is complaining that the courses are hard too”, so I was just going with the flow.

    On the 3rd day into the 4th day of the January Breakthrough week, I had a dream of me walking with a couple of friends on a plain road but I started feeling like we were being slowed down. Then, I was seeing huge figures, which I sensed to be blind (I was seeing the head shape but without eyes) walking along as well.
    Suddenly, I felt one trying to attach to my right hand, with that reflex, I turned to detach myself and kick it off, then I jerked back into reality from there.

    I stood up immediately and the confessions came to me. So I started declaring:
    “I smash through Giants
    I cannot be held down
    I am wise and not ignorant
    I have understanding and I cannot be limited” till I was eventually at peace.

    I slept back and woke up the next morning to read and I was able to cover what has been taking almost 3 weeks in about 1½ hours! It was as though I was recovering time!
    This time, it was about a week to the exams, so I just read all I could and trusted God with it.

    The last course we did, one of my friends I saw us walking together, came out of the hall and was crying — she said she forgot almost everything; the dream came to my head instantly. Ah no o! I got back to my room and started praying, then I heard some words of assurance in my spirit, wrote and sent it to her and I had peace again.

    Naso I rest in the consciousness of the faithfulness of God o. Truly, results came out last month and to the Glory of God, I got an A, my friend got a B!

    I want to thank God for the reassurance of His faithfulness. He cannot fail, so I cannot fail!
    Thank you DGC!
    Thank you Pastor Victor!
    Thank you Pastor Lawrence!
    Indeed, this house is blessed! Hallelujah!

  11. Glory to God for this victory and I thank God for Pastor Lawrence. He’s one of the reasons why I’ve become more bold because anytime I listen to him preach I learn more about who I am in Christ.

    So, there are two courses out of all the courses I’m offering this semester that’s really scary and everyone that’s done it before talks about how hard passing them is.

    I’ve been praying to God and reading them really hard. After the meditation series, I began meditating on how I’d step into the exam hall smiling and stepping out still smiling and I began to confess concerning the exams that the computer would only bring out questions that I know because sometimes they add questions from topics they’ve never taught.

    And it was exactly as I’d been meditating I came out literally laughing when everyone were complaining.

    I thank God for this victory and for the As I’m going to get in both courses.

  12. Yinka Ogunsina

    My name is Yinka Ogunsina, I am the founder of Supreme Generation, and I am glad to worship at Davidic Generation again.

    The last time I worshipped here, I don’t know where my business will lead to, but Pastor Lawrence revealed God’s words about meditation to us and I followed God’s words that were communicated while meditating. I just keep following God words as he is directing me.

    But by the grace of God, I will launch this business on Sunday, the 7th of April 2024, which is in a week time.

    As of yesterday, someone invested some funds into my business at 36% annually, which is good for me.

    I am a 23 years old entrepreneur, but God gave me a lot of great opportunities. I am looking forward to the day I will meet Pastor Lawrence and he will pray for me.

    Glory be to God 🙏

  13. Praise the Lord 🙌🏾
    I followed the teachings on meditation through pastor Lawrence YouTube channel so I decided to start practicing what I learnt.
    My birthday was few weeks away so I started creating beautiful imaginations of what I will like my birthday to be like(things that have never happened before)…I prayerfully meditated over those desires for weeks and though they weren’t looking like looking like they will happen but to the glory of God my imaginations played out 😭

  14. Praise the LORD church,
    I want to first of all say my God is not a scam!
    This might be long, but journey along with me
    I bless the name of the LORD for his goodness mercy and grace over me and over my life.
    This last week I wrote a core professional exam and it was allot
    A day prior to that day my supervisor frustrated me, he corrected my project from the chapter 1-5 and I ought to submit a day before my professional exam for grading.
    I cried and cried when I was done with it was already late and he said I’d have to come to his house which is like a 1hr drive from my school for his signature on my project, I begged this man, he didn’t agree until a colleague helped me to beg, then another lecturer Signed for me.

    The following day was the exam and I was really exhausted from the previous day stress, I got to my hostel around 9pm, and before I knew it 11pm had clocked.
    I tried to read the little I could and the only statement I said before I closed my eyes to doze off is “the breaker has gone ahead of me”. Paper 1 was a shocker, it was like I was seeing Japanese language, then I remembered the teaching on the “power of God” during the exam and all I mentioned was “the power of God”after the exam I prayed and I was just being positive, I made sure I painted a picture of me passing the exams, paper 2 came , my God !!! It was a shocker, vival came and the invigilator was asking me questions outside my project that I couldn’t give the right answers too but I was confident in whatever answers I was giving. Practical came and it shook my mood, but all I knew was that the breaker has gone ahead of me.

    I want to thank God because it is not of me that willeth nor that of me that runneth but of God that showeth Mercy. The night before our result I had my fears and worries, the only song that rang in my ears was: it’s in my blood, it’s in my DNA and it runs in the family” I had sang it so much that I didn’t know when I started dancing. While singing the song doubt tried setting in, the the Holyspirit reminded me of the tournament DGC won in Zion culture and that was when I understood that, this exam I had already passed it.
    I finished a pre professional exam on Tuesday when I came out to hear our results was out and YES, God did it. I’m now one of the latest Registered midwife
    I’m now a Registered Nurse Registered midwife and a Registered Public health Nurse in view.

    I just want to say thank you Jesus
    Thank you God for the pastorate of DGC, for teachings that are timely, and prayers that are yielding result.
    Thank you DGC
    Thank you God
    Church celebrate with me

  15. Good evening family. I want to thank God for the treasure of Love and gift of fellowship in our church,DGC. My life has been blessed and shifted, time and time again!
    I would like to particularly acknowledge and appreciate the teachings of Pastor, Daddy Lawrence- The LOVE Series(The Measure of Greatness). I relistened over the weekend, and my heart was helped! Thank you for showing us one of the ways to truly upgrade this season. I was BLESSED!!
    May God prosper and strengthen the pastorate more in Jesus name. I LOVE YOU ALL!

  16. Hello family, Happy Sunday. I am writing to testify to what God did for this week through the ministration of pastor victor. I have been battling with a particular sin for a long time now I have even given up on trying to stop it but after the message on upgrade I came into the consciousness and confessed that I am a child of God I can’t be battling with that sin anymore, it is over. And this week I didnt. Now I find myself free without quilt this is something I can’t do without but I am free from it I know it sounds like it just a week but I have honestly upgraded . Even my business picked so fast this week I made a certain amount that I usually make after a month or more. I even got irritated by worldly music this week which is strange. I started giving people without calculating how much I have. I forgave people who hurt me and it felt good only this week alone.listen to gospel songs for over 3hrs and not getting bored. I feel like I found where I belong.I love you so much DGC. Thank you pastor victor I appreciate you. I don’t know what to say it but i love you so much pastor victor you are really a blessing to me. I want to continue to feel this joy in my heart I want to on fire for God😊😊😊.

  17. Bro Chukwuebuka Joshua Okemefuna

    Good morning house of David, I’d like to return all glory to God
    on Sunday 10th of march 2024 my phone was fell when I was coming down from a bus, and the reason behind was I had just made a call when 2 ladies was admitted into the bus, I kept my phone on my lap temporarily to open my bag to bring a flyer to give to them, after giving it to them, one of them who seemed interested kept asking questions about the venue and everything,
    shortly after we were at the park and we all alighted, I was still answering this lady and also zipping my bag close as we alighted.
    unknown to me I had dropped my phone.
    the holy spirit stirred my heart 3 times to collect her number to be able to give her directions, encourage her and probably pay for her transportation to the place where the bus, since she seemed willing but sounded like she needed small follow up.
    because of the way she was dressed, she was dressed almost nearly naked and there were people close in the park already praising her, including our bus driver, I didn’t want to ask for her number, so it will not seem I was trying to make a smart move on her. which had it been I did, I would have noticed my phone fell right there and quickly picked it.
    I went few steps from that place, wanting to bring out my phone to pay for some fruits I wanted to buy for me and my roommate, I noticed my phone was stolen, I rushed back to check for the driver, asked everybody but my phone was gone.
    a Keke man helped me with his phone to call but no reply.

    I rushed home, smile greeted my roommate, told him my phone was lost but it was coming back. he asked me if I was joking or I was serious about the phone being stolen.
    judging from how I was smiling and so at rest, he was worried I was not worried
    brethren, there is much to the back end of this story but summary was I only prayed about the phone for not up to 2 minutes, and God told me the phone would be restored after 24 hours
    all through after that I began to engage meditation. I consciously deployed the angel of my destiny and all I could see in my heart was that my phone was going to come back, and whoever was with it was going to be pressurized to return it.
    after this I kept meditating consistently on different ways my phone would be restored
    I was so convinced that everybody who asked me I told them my phone would come back the next day, that it wasn’t actually stolen

    I remembered the story pastor Lawrence shared about a girl he sent money for to get a new phone who wrote everywhere that she would get a new phone for her birthday and how many times he was reminded for it
    I engaged the same principle too much that In all honesty when I got a call that the phone has been found, my countenance didn’t change, I was not happier, like I was too sure that phone wasn’t lost and that it was going to come back
    I was too sure that everybody I told was worried for me, and how I was not worried
    there’s more to the backend of this story, about putting to work the truth being taught here
    but on the other end my phone was picked by a mad man, who for no reason went just to inform one of the conductors in that park that he picked a phone and that he was going to sell it, the mad man left with my phone, this conductor didn’t want to be left out so he looked for another conductor that was his friend and wanted to outsmart the mad man and be the one to sell the phone
    the mad man went and reported everything to the local security group(vigilante) who also wanted to be the ones to sell my phone as they told them that the owner of the phone has already reported the case to them
    as God will have it the security group had a beef with one of the guys who were trying to sell my phone, and so they framed them up and wanted to implicate them as though they robbed to get the phone

    In a bid to save their necks from this trap that they fell into, the 2 men who had already switched off my phone and taken it far into town already, they put on my phone picked the call and begged that they got to me, when they did, they begged that I came that night and see them, that they were going to be in serious trouble the next day because of that phone, that I should come and help save them them and tell this people that they didn’t rob, and that the phone was lost
    brethren, that was how I got connected to my phone

    God used a mad man, 2 thieves and a vigilantee group who were all trying to sell my phone, God turned them against themselves and used their greed to make sure my phone got to me, and it is with the phone I share this testimony

  18. Ibukunoluwa O.

    Praise God!
    Last year, I felt a leading to not work for a while or even seek out work and just take some time to focus on Prayer as well as physical rest. I struggled hard with it and it was difficult at a point to even get things for myself as I had to rely on my parents.
    I however noticed that since November, which I believe was when I started attending DGC fully online, money was coming to me from different places and different people.
    Some of these people were people I haven’t spoken to in a long time. Some were acquaintances; People would randomly ask me for my account number and since November, there hasn’t been a month when this did not happen. Before I can pray about my needs, provision is available and the provision is in no small measure.
    I want to really bless God for this as I have never experienced this before and I believe God will also have me share this testimony to encourage someone. He will Provide. He will take care of you and He sees you.
    Praise God!

  19. Good afternoon Church. I am blessed to be home!
    I want to thank God specifically for the message of Daddy Lawrence last week on MEDITATION. I was blessed and helped at the illustration and charge of Pastor to us to “FIGHT DIRTY”. Before then I had been experiencing some ‘bullying’ in my thoughts, which I didn’t take seriously. But after the message, I know better and am ‘more notorious for causing problems to the enemy’.
    Thank you Pastor Lawrence and the entire Pastorate. We highly esteem your treasure to us! God bless you more in Jesus name!!

  20. Hello Davids! God is good
    I thank God for March, I know we are just starting the month but God has done so much for me, no day has gone by that I have not enjoyed the goodness of God. I’ve been out of a job for a while( years) I can’t even say that I’ve had a job since I finished school in 2019, I can’t count the number of dear hiring managers I have sent, I even stopped applying for jobs because I got tired, email became my favorite app I open it every 20 minutes just waiting for that one message. Every time pastor Lawrence prays for those looking for jobs I key into it and just trust that God will do it.
    Sometimes last month I got a response from a company I applied to in January( I forgot I applied sef) I was selected for an interview, and I was really scared and was doubting if I should go for it because of past rejection letters.
    I walked up to Pastor Victor on Sunday( the interview was the next day) I told him to pls pray for me which he did( Thank you sir) after the interview I didn’t hear from them I called to get an update but didn’t get any that was how I locked up and moved on.
    On Monday morning during my prayer I told God that I wanted to share good news with my mum before the end of the day and to my greatest surprise, I got an email in the afternoon it was an offer letter from the company I interviewed with. Ah God offer letter just after 1 interview I was shocked, it took a while for my brain to process what was happening I kept telling myself “ Bimbo you have a job”… Pls say Thank You Jesus on my behalf.

    My mom called to tell me about how a debt got canceled and even got extra from the person. I just want to bless the name of the Lord for all that He has done and all that He will be doing in my life… This is not the end of my testimony because there’s still more to come.

    I say a big Thank you to Pastor Lawrence and Pastor Victor.
    God bless the Davidic Generation Church

  21. Oluwaponmile

    I thank God for the salvation of my soul, and I thank him for being a part of his kingdom.
    I stumbled upon an IG post about a month ago on the Davidic Generation Church page – about why your prayer for favour has not produced results. It really spoke to me, and I went to look for the full video on YouTube. Since that day, I have always looked forward to attending service, though this is hours after the live streaming.

    It has thus far been a blessing.
    I would record the confessions before the grace and listen to them before going to bed.
    On the 25th of February, after listening to the sermon and recording the declaration or confession, Pastor Lawrence said, “I am seeing a student; your matter is before the board already; they are trying to choose whether to favour or not to favour I decree and declare that this one is going to give a feedback… I decree and declare, in the name of Jesus, mercy has spoken for you.” My heart received it and believed it.

    To the glory of God, on Wednesday, February 28th, I logged into the university portal and got an email stating that I was recommended for the program. I honestly didn’t know how to react. All I can say is, with a grateful heart, thank you, JESUS.
    PS: I will be coming back to give the full testimony.

  22. Ifenna Victor

    I had a dream last night where pastor Lawrence gave me a gift and I was really crying and thanking him.

    Then this night when I was about to pray I remembered that I have not finished watching the November miracle service
    I put it on an began to watch

    I saw that I was selected as the first winner of a writing contest🎉🎉

    As I shouted I sensed my shout in the spirit turn into a roar of a great lion

    When I opened my eyes after shouting I saw a notification from my email telling me I have been selected for a special program🎉🎉

    Glory to God

  23. Florence Fakayode

    The Sunday after the breakthrough week, I got home after service and my Mum shared with me how that his younger brother that lives in the United States her and said he has sent money to one of their siblings to help my Mum get foodstuffs and transfer a huge amount of money to her account that he understands how the economy of Nigeria is at the moment.

    To think, Her younger brother who doesn’t send us money or help persay despite how wealthy he is and all of a sudden, he did.
    This is a testament of that declarations that says ” Everyone that has promised us good and those that have nursed it in their heart to help even if they haven’t said it, they are hereby energized and empowered to do it.

    Another testimony is, this month of March is declared as the month of new beginnings, I became expectant right from March 1st.
    On March 1st, as usual, I went to kitchen to prepare food for the family around 5am and my Mum usually come around to greet and pray for me but this day the prayers were lengthy and I knew this month is not normal oh, afterwards she said Ehn ehn, Let me the first to bless you this morning of the new month,,, That’s how my Mum sent me some amount of money ohhh!

    I believe I will still come and update my testimonies of the unending blessings God will do in my life this month of March.

    I am saying a big thank you to the Pastorates as well as DGC family.

  24. Good morning Davids

    God is good ooh! He is in my neighborhood. So during the breakthrough week last week thursday, I was just praying in the afternoon and I kept declaring over my family mentioning them by name then I called kept declaring over my younger brother that he has broken through on all sides I kept declaring and people of God by morning the next day, my brother posted about his art work been chosen as the best and it came with a $150 cash prize and other miscellaneous for someone that didn’t submit entry oh! He said he just went there to watch others and somehow his work was displayed and awarded the best
    kaiiiii oh!!!!

    I’m really grateful for this.

    To think that God is not done with us yet! So after service on Sunday I don’t know but I felt like calling my mom so I called her and she said she wasn’t able to go to church due to sore throat that she has been on drugs for 3 days and she’s even tired she sounded frustrated so as we were about to end the call
    I heard “won’t you pray for her” honestly I was doubting then I said “mummy let me pray for you” then I prayed a simple prayer with a desire for healing then we ended the call. Brethren the next day I got a call I was wondering why exactly was my mum calling then I picked and she said “I just call to tell you that I am healed o” ah! I started dancing calling my flat mates to share ooo.

    I know God hears and he answers! There is more testimony oo soon I go testify because this one go loud!!!!!!

  25. Good morning Davids, my name is Esther. I want to thank God for His faithfulness over my family. My brother relocated out of the country in January and we have been believing God for a part-time job for him. My other brother has also been believing God for a job here in Nigeria. During the breakthrough week, both of them were settled. Glory to God.

  26. Good morning church, my name is Stephen Adekunle I want to testify for God’s goodness and his love over my life. Last week Tuesday an attack was sent to me , In my work place I just started feeling strange Atmosphere, I kept on praying and trusting God that nothing can happen to me because I’m the Apple of God’s eyes. In short that same day when I wanted to close our laboratory, I forgot to close one of the back door that leads to the main laboratory hmmmm but God proofed himself, Around 10pm my boss now called me that she received call from lab that I didn’t close the back door I shouted Jesus and ran immediately to the lab, Brethren this was how God saved me oooo from dept of millions of naira. May his name be glorified forever.

    My second testimony is that one of my brother is in UK , I told my sister here that I felt like I should call him and discuss some things with him , My people gave me alot of excuses that if I call or message him, he will not answers me on time because that was how he has being doing for them. I said ok in my mind and went to the lord in prayer. This God is faithful oooo immediate I prayed God gave the time to message him and as I messaged him hmmm what a great God we serve. He replied instantly made a lot of promises and also sent me money that same hour. What a wonderful God.
    God bless DGC and the Pastorate . 🔥🔥💕💕

  27. Good morning church, My name is Catherine and I want to return all the glory to God for delivering me from panic attack coupled with headache which have been happening since January, I wanted to be sure I didn’t have any medical condition causing that so I want to UCH , so I discovery that I’m suffering from anxiety and I was placed on anti-anxiety drugs and was referred to a psychologist for therapy. However on Sunday when Pastor started the series on meditation it revealed alot about how I’ve lived my life meditating on fear and the negative thoughts that the devil has put in my hearts and this became the first step to freedom for me . Also during the 12 hours prayer charge pastor furthered talk about how we need to break barriers in our minds and every declaration was as if he was talking to me, as I came under the power that very instance I knew God had delivered me and I’m set free.
    I want to say a very big thank you to Pastor Lawrence, Mama Dara and Pastor Victor, every words from there mouth has been a blessing to me and I couldn’t have imagine if I wasn’t in DGC, it would have been far worse. Even though I was going through so much psychologically every Sunday left me feeling refreshed, I am grateful to God with such wonderful vessels God has used to bless us in our generation. I would have loved to share the story in details but OMO the matter long.

  28. Good Morning DGC,
    I really want to thank Pastor Lawrence and the pastorate, so Pastor Lawrence two Sundays ago told everyone to bring out their phones and send a text message to their parents saying that they love them, I hesitated to send to my dad, because my Dad had not spoken to me since the end of November 2023, didn’t really know why, but with tears, I sent him the message telling him I loved him, and during the valentine’s day too, I sent him a message too, to my greatest suprise, Yesterday the 23rd of February, my dad called me and told me he just called me to hear my voice and to check if I doing well in my place of service, I didn’t know when I started crying, because I didn’t ever think that my dad would call me again! I don’t physically attend service, but I stream online every Sunday!
    Thank you so much, Pastor Lawrence! I am really grateful for this ministry!

  29. Adeyemo Damilola

    Good morning church

    My name is Dami I want to testify of God’s goodness. Last week Sunday after the sermon on meditation and the declaration that “By Sunday my life have change” I was trusting God for a shift in my business, so on Monday evening I got a call from a friend saying she want to make a bulk order that they needed it by Thursday, so we concluded that payment will be done on Tuesday so I can get it done before Thursday, on Tuesday I did not get any feedback from her, thou I had faith it will come, I saw myself sewing those 10 dresses, thank God for pastor’s sermon. By Wednesday I already took my mind off it, I just thought since it was Thursday they are to use it maybe they don’t need it anymore.
    But by past 10am on Wednesday I got a call from her saying she was coming to see me right now and when she came she brought the material for the dresses, I was just thinking this is God at work, me that have concluded I won’t be making the dress again.
    Long story cut short God gave me speed, I was able to finish the 10 dress that same day and got it delivered that Thursday morning, it was indeed a shift in my business and finance, I was able to get an appliance I was longing to buy since last year December. Glory to God!!!

    My second testimony this happen last year November during breakthrough service I just joined DGC then, few days to breakthrough Sunday I was asked to pack out from my apartment within 3days, and i was super confuse on were to move to, because as a corp member we were given that apartment at a price 90% below the normal price of renting a house in ibadan. I came to church that Sunday so unhappy and confuse because that was the last day of staying in the apartment, but I still had faith in God something will be done.
    During that service Pastor told us to shout aloud and that they will be lots of miracle, I did that in faith and burden in my heart and I heard something saying in me “that it Is done” and someone also shared a testimony similar to my situation that Sunday and I keyed into it, after service I did not go home I went to nccf family house, so on Monday I went to my PPA(work), on getting there I asked my friend what was the new development and she said they have concluded that we can continue staying in the house, I screamed this can be God.
    Church this were the same people that said nothing can be done after much pleading that we have to pack out (because it was actually a big issue that rises between corpers and officers) they said they can’t go back on their word, but God change the situation and they had no other option than to go back on their word, am currently in that same apartment leaving peacefully.
    One of the best thing that has happen to me serving in ibadan is finding DGC, that Sunday morning after nysc camp I was not planning to go to church because I was new in ibadan a friend was like let’s go to Davidic generation church, thou I have never heard of it but when he told me it was pastored by Pastor Lawrence I had to go get set for church because I knew pastor Lawrence when he came to Benin and I also do listen to his chant. Thank God for using my friend to help me find this family.
    Glory to God!!!
    Thank you Pastor Lawrence
    Thank you Ma’am Darasimi
    Thank you Pastor Victor
    Thank You all the pastorate at DGC.

  30. Good morning Church

    I want to testify of God’s goodness. On Monday 19/2/24,I listened to last Sunday’s service preaching on Meditation by Pastor Lawrence. Upon learning that we can call forth things by meditating over it. Also interesting was where pastor said “see your miracle, see yourself receiving it and paying the tithe of It” Brethren, I keyed into these words and prayed to God for a financial miracle.
    Goodnews!!!!!!!!!!!!! I received an alert from someone I was never expecting it from.

    Indeed,our God cares for us
    Thank You Jesus

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  32. Hello church,

    My name is Clea, I know that I Will come to testify many times this week, this is our week of breakthrough.

    I want to thank God, when pastor Lawrence decree that those that have to do us good are energize to perform I saw it and it has started oh, my client from Décembre I did her website she said that her husband should be there in Senegal on the 11th and when he would have been there I Will get the rest of my money the husband even went back to his country, but today she should have come to my house to give it to me but she was gired 12h passed but finally she called me saying that she could not come but she Will send me the money I should not drop the Phone and I received the alert, money started to enter.
    Then pastor Victor when he was doing decree also he said that you have already received the instructions, I want to have a car and I wanted to start talking with a woman who sell her car, I receive instructions from principal pastor of church here in Senegal he called me telling me what to do and I am amazed by the precisions.

    I thank God for what He is doing. I thank God for directions and for DGC.

    Thank you pastor Lawrence and thank you pastor Victor.

    I love you family.

  33. Good morning church,

    My name is Cléa,

    Faithful online member in Senegal.
    Just before the start of our week of breakthrough in February, I received a message from my HR that my salary has been raised. I want to bless God for that cause I started to really understand what pastor was saying by get angry, I got angry on monday saying that it is enough and this is the proof that things are starting moving on my behalf.

    I bless God for He is doing and for the life of Pastor Lawrence and all pastorate, I love you church and I can’t wait to come fellowship with you physically.

  34. Halleluyah Bowaye

    Good morning, Church.
    My name is Halleluyah Bowaye
    Though I didn’t want to share this testimony, my mind kept pushing me.

    A few days before Valentine’s, I dropped a post on my WhatsApp status, which goes thus: I wish I could visit the Orphanages on Valentine’s Day.

    Like play, like play; a friend sent a message, that he would like to donate some clothes.
    At this point, the passion to go came.
    It’s no longer a wish, but now a reality.
    Because I’m a student and the fact that things are now expensive.
    I had a little fear because I needed to buy something, to donate.

    People of God, I have not started praying, when God came through.
    I got some support, from friends.
    Long story cut short, I finally visited the Orphanages on Saturday(yesterday), with a friend.
    We donated, and they prayed for us.

    But, that was not the end.
    As we were leaving the Orphanage home street, there was this strong passion that caught up inside of me, to do more of this.
    I came online in the evening, and almost all reels I saw, were videos of some young lady, helping many struggling people.
    They were even Nigerian oo.
    Suddenly, I started praying for help from God, to help others.
    I believe God is calling me into that, which is more like an answered prayer, to me.


  35. Good day church, I want to testify to the God of DGC that transformed my life, before I joined DGC I never have a happy day, am always bittered,confused,unhappy, & heartbroken, I keep asking myself what’s my purpose of existence, all that comes to my mind is committing suicide because I was just confused, so I decided to voice out so that I can be counselled, I reach out to the protocol to book an appointment to see pastor victor so I was told I can’t see him last week Sunday because there are lot of people on ground to see him, I felt my world was crumbling, I felt bad I just needed someone to councel me & pray for me as at that time, all the thought that was coming was just to commit suicide and end it all, I came to church on Sunday broken, bittered, sad,and having it in mind that might be my last day on earth, I never knew God wanted to transform my life that day, when pastor ask that people who need a hug should come out, I came out and went to mama Dara, and mama said to me I have been observing you, then I knew God heard my cry & pains, mama Dara hugged me and prayed for me hmm my dear people it was just as if something left me, immediately I felt peace, joy, I was healed from every hurt, I was rebirth, I was refreshed last week Sunday was the happiest day of my life, till now I can still fill the joy.
    I want to appreciate God and the pastorate of DGC for giving me the privilege to be among living souls today, my birthday is this Saturday I never believe I will be able to celebrate my birthday with joy and happiness, anytime am in my birthday month I always feel sad, I never experience what love is but DGC showed me loved,my first day in this church I felt the atmosphere of love, thanks so much pastor Lawrence, pastor victor and mama Dara , and all the members of DGC thank you so much for expressing your love to me I love you all and I love DGC

  36. Good morning Church,
    I am Oluwatomilola,I’m here to give God all the glory for coming through for me concerning my transcript.I needed to submit my school transcript for an application that would close on February 1st this year and I have applied for my transcript since 2022 but the person that processed the remita for me while making payment wrote a wrong matric number and that has been the issue.”, so my document was dumped until January 6th that I went to the transcript office and I told them that I need my transcript before 1st of February and they told me that it cannot be possible and that it is only a miracle that can make that possible as they have not started processing it at all. And I replied them that “Jesus will surely perform that miracle for me” The man asked me to give him a tip so he can help me even though he said he may not be able to do so much…so I was like uncle,I’m not going to give anybody a bribe for what Jesus will do for me freely.
    Heyyyyy!!! Jesus truly did a big miracle and a man just said he will help me , I didn’t know he was the director of records unit of UI…This man carried my matter for head and was calling me to give me update about my transcript…People of God,my transcript was sent to me on the 31st of January…just a day before the deadline… the man told me that it was a miracle as it’s supposed to take like 2-3months to process it,but mine came out in less than a month…
    I’m here to return all the glory to my protocol breaker God that favored me .
    I’m grateful to God that he will perfect all that concerns me and I will come back here to share greater testimonies of Gods goodness.
    Thank you Jesus

  37. Good morning, family.
    I just want to thank God for His faithfulness in my life and for the blessing that is DGC. Every sermon I hear at DGC speaks directly to my heart and I feel energized to act on the words.
    I am also thankful to God for always coming through for me financially.

    After the breakthrough vigil that held last year, my mum contacted one of my uncles that she hadn’t spoken to in a while, they got talking and he told her to ask us to reach out to him. To cut the long story short, he sent my siblings 40,000 naira each and sent me 50,000 naira. This money came at a time when I needed it the most. It reminded me that God sees me and I just knew that it had to be the hand of God.
    Also, this year things didn’t start out so well for me financially, I found that my allowance finished sooner that expected even though I was very prudent with it. I remembered that on the Sunday of the week when the lack hit the hardest, Pastor Lawrence said it was the week of more than enough and I keyed into it. Indeed, I was literally living like I had enough money and when the little I had finished, more came in.

    I just want to thank God because I have never been in a situation where I would have nothing at all to eat and if I ever get to that point, I receive enough money at that moment. I’m trusting God for clarity, direction and speed this month especially as it relates to the next phase of my life after school.

  38. Good morning, family.
    I just want to thank God for His faithfulness in my life and for the blessing that is DGC. Every sermon I hear at DGC speaks directly to my heart and I feel energized to act on the words.
    I am also thankful to God for always coming through for me financially.
    After the breakthrough vigil that held last year, my mum contacted one of my uncles that she hadn’t spoken to in a while, they got talking and he told her to ask us to reach our to him. To cut the long story short, he sent my siblings 40,000 naira each and sent me 50,000 naira. This money came at a time when I needed it the most. It reminded me that God sees me and I just knew that it had to be the hand of God.
    Also, this year things didn’t start out so well for me financially, I found that my allowance finished sooner that expected even though I was very prudent with it. I remembered that on the Sunday of the week when the lack hit the hardest, Pastor Lawrence said it was the week of more than enough and I keyed into it. Indeed, I was literally living like I had enough money and when the little I had finished, more came in.

    I just want to tham God because I have never been in a situation where I would have nothing at all to eat and if I ever get to that point, I receive enough money at that moment. I’m trusting God for clarity, direction and speed this month especially as it relates to the next phase of my life after school.

  39. Delight emeka eze

    good morning family I have a testimony to share I’ve been waiting on the lord for 9 years for a phone and I asked God even if he gives me a phone of 64g it will be okay but he surprised me with a phone of 128g, the funniest thing is that I’m not the one who paid for the phone I want to give God praise

  40. Good morning Church and happy new month.. My name is Blessing.. I want to thank God on behalf of my sister and her family,God indeed came through for them.. Her family was really trusting God for provision on their house rent which was already due as at December.. She called me to inform me about it and told me to pray along with them and we kept on trusting God and meanwhile their landlord gave them till February 1st and as at 31st of January they’ve not gotten the full amount of the rent but I called her and prayed with her that night that God will surely come through for them..Lo and behold when she woke up on the 1st of February,a family friend sent them the whole rent money which was close to a million naira, meanwhile they even didn’t discuss it with the person…I just want to give God all the Glory on behalf of my sis and her family..God indeed answers prayer and He remains a faithful father.

  41. Good morning Church. I am Tioluwani. I want to thank God for the gift of fellowship. Particularly, for last week. I got a distressing news, about a loved one, early that morning after my prayer watch time that got me nearly sinking into despondency. But, by the mercy of God & help of the HolySpirit, He made a way to escape through the other prayer watches. I got strengthened as I joined in prayers extensively that morning. Thank you Church for this channel of help. I am grateful. May God continuously strengthen and uphold the Church and leadership in Jesus name. I love you all!


    Good morning Pastorates! 😊
    Good morning DGC😊
    I Want to return all the glory and honour to God who made me to escape from a moving vehicle, on Thursday morning being 1st Feb. I was on my way to work so I stood at the junction waiting for keke… To the glory of God I ran to the other side for refuge knowing fully well that am running to Jesus for rescue. Ahhhh, Just like Pastor declared on the crossover night 31st Jan. WHATEVER WE START WE MUST FINISH. I started my day in good health, sound mind. Join me in thanking God. Glory to GOD

  43. Bowaye Halleluyah Praise

    Testimony time, permanent blessing time.
    My name is Halleluyah.

    Since I’m unable to check my GES result.
    Our dear Greek and Roman lecturer told us to come over to his office, to check our last semester’s results.
    At first, I didn’t wanna go.

    But, I had to start an affirmation, ‘I fail not, I fear not’, till I entered his office.

    David’s, I entered oo, but I did not see my result.
    What a seeing something.

    I wanted to go back, but something held me and I had to stay in front of his office.
    So, he asked me to enter the office, and check again.

    Everybody, I saw my Greek result this time.

    *MEET ME ON A*

    I scored 70, which is an A.
    What a narrow escape from B.

    People of God, praise the Lord!!!!
    Thanks to the pastorate, for the weekly affirmations. I do hold those affirmation so dearly.
    I believe that the other 8 courses, which I’m yet to see their results is a success for me already.

  44. Good afternoon house of David, I am here to testify the goodness of God ahead of what he his set to do for me. I gave a testimony around November when I join DGC that I was having major issues as regards my Masters thesis and after just one week of being here I received a major breakthrough. From then one God has continued to prove himself in my journey. I am almost at the point of submitting my work for the final approval and I thanking God ahead because he has done it. It is approved and I graded with excellence. O so want to thank God for divine provision during the course of my studies for a student who isn’t working, God has been faithful. I have received countless blessings that even exceed my prayers and expectation and I am trusting God that after this comes a great, well paying Job.
    One of my major challenges was that I switched field from arts to social science to pursue a masters in employment relations and Human Resources Management. Research in the arts is quite different from that of the social science and we were expected to know it all.
    But I have come to say thank you Jesus because this journey has been made smooth by him and only by him.
    I am sure coming back to testify more to the goodness and favour of God in my life
    Thank you DGC
    Thank you pastorate
    Thank you for your show of love and your labour of love.

    May the spirit and presence of the lord continually find expression in this house
    I love you house of David

  45. Omodara Idowu Emmanuel

    Good morning dearly beloved family,my name is Omodara Idowu Emmanuel,and I want to bless the name of God over my life and family,for the pastorate of the church,for God giving me a pastor and teacher after his heart.Thank you very much DAVIDS, for the show of love.My testimony goes thus, It all started way back from 2021,I’ve been praying and seeking the face of God concerning the salvation of my family members,And I’ve been telling God that he shouldn’t commission me out if the INSIDE (MY
    FAMILY) is not sorted salvation wise. Ever since I started holding vigil,at home concerning the salvation of the soul of my family since 2021,before I knew it,one of my twin brother,gave his life to Christ. But there’s one I’m really targeting,he’s the first son of the family,he dropped out of school because of his way of Life. It was two weeks ago,when I was at the Mother-Church,that I made up my mind to go on a 90-days fasting and prayer to settle everything once and for all, including the breakthrough of the family. I was still at the church when our first born called me that she has a testimony for me,that this my brother just went to his room and started shedding tears of remorse,that he wants to change his way of life,and he wants to stop his habit of smoking for close to 30 years,that he’s ready to go back to school,Brethren,as we speak,he’s currently enrolled at jamb tutorial centre, preparing to go study building technology. Ever since then,till now,he’s never touched hard drugs,he even fell terribly sick when he left the drug,but I assured my family that no evil will befall him,because God will never start something for the devil to finish it.
    So,brethren pls keep me in your prayers,that God will settle me financially,to settle debts hanging around my neck,to also start my skill here in school,cos I just gained admission to study Music Technology at the Polytechnic of Ibadan. Let somebody shout Hallelujah

  46. Good Morning David’s, I want to bless the name of the Lord oh. Last year’s 7 days fasting was actually what brought trouble that later caused the devil to be in trouble now.
    I was planning a program tagged Transcendence’23 with a friend who is the convener, I poured all I had into it believing it’s God’s work which it is. The devil has fought the program and did everything he could to make sure it didn’t hold.

    This was the same period of the 7 days fasting, the 12 hours charge was running here in church and I was at the concert location because the concert finally held with good numbers of participants

    I was so glad because the Lord brought down 1.2 M budget to 250k
    So I just opened my business account and personal and poured everything happily because God has saved us from trouble spending much.

    Thank God, the program was a success but here feedbacks started coming and gbam, my finance was locked, i started receiving attacks back to back, touched my friends head and they started to spread erroneous news about me telling my audience they could reach that i am a debtor amd i owe up to 500k, i and doing this and that, satan attacked and i even fell into a nonsence mistake that i got scolded for.
    I was financially down, emotionally down, mentally down, physically down, academically down (cos I could not concentrate properly), business down (my team members for angry) and that’s the same period mt parents will call and start their own version. Everything was doing me.

    Glory to Jesus, I had to address the fall first and thank God, I came for BAR and got restored, at bar, I literally told God that I want to have rugged powers that can do things and I called a bad of pure water to come from the door side of the church to meet me where I was and I prayed with focus – brethren, it came ohh.. i was holding this nylon bag when I picked it up (it has been there for over two hours and people were picking water) but as I commanded it, it was like a great force just moved it to where i was seated about 7 seats away from the door.

    Many things happened and we kept on praying every day

    I am a wen Developer, graphic designer, social media manager and influencer, music person, business architect, videographer and many more

    To show you that only Satan can be following me to make me not to receive a single project for more than a month.

    I prayed and prayed and finally, yesterday, Saturday, 20th of January, I received my first project to print ID cards and that is the opening of the financial platform. I pray God perfects it .

    Lemme stop here because there are many things to say

    I Sha God restored, healed of many headaches and things are working out now again.

    Glory to Jesus

    Pastor Lawrence, Pastor Victor, Mama D and all the other members of the pastorate, Thank you.

    God bless you big time

  47. Good morning Church,
    My name is Taiwo,
    I want to thank God for answered prayers .
    I volunteered for night duty at a Primary Health facility because of an assignment in school, so I could participate in the delivery and care of a woman in labour.
    I told a colleague to call me when the woman was almost fully dilated. I decided to go the hospital around 8pm when I didn’t get any call from my colleague. I had hoped that the woman will give birth in the course of the night .
    But I got there only to realize that my colleague had left, she had been told by one of the nurses that the woman hasn’t been progressing and would be referred for CS after getting a scan the next morning, as she was more than 1 month post dated, and had been sent home in the past week because of the same issue.

    Once I heard this , I thought of leaving for my house, but I was moved to stay the night and pray for the woman and her baby, I declared the way of the baby clear.
    And at about 6 am , we found out that that the cervix had opened more and that labour was now progressing, I left the hospital to go and freshen up at about few minutes to 8, and at about that time I was informed she had delivered , both mother and baby alive and healthy.

    God answers prayers church, praise God🙌🏽

  48. Olatunji Danesi Philip

    Good morning church, Praise the Lord!!!

    My name is Olatunji Danesi. I attended Ibadan 12 hours prayer charge last year, 2023. At some point, the man of God, Pastor Lawrence called those who had strange movements in their body, I came out as one. It was a movement between my neck and my shoulder, up and down like that.

    He ridiculed the devil by asking me to command it thus: “gerara here!” I repeated, ‘gerara here!’ Though, hilarious, however, powerful! I got home and after some days, I couldn’t feel it anymore. No disturbance whatsoever, glory to Jesus!!!

    It usually disturbed me when I did pro-destiny activities like working (I work at a radio station). When I came under strong anointed atmospheres. When I read my books, and such like. But thanks be to God who give the victory always in Jesus Christ, I am now free!!!

    Secondly, I came crying for the presence of God that day. When I came out for the deliverance, Pastor Lawrence deviated at some point saying – ‘another measure, can you see it now?’ I saw it, it was like a cloud. It came over me. I knew I had what I wanted already, the presence of God!

    After the service, a friend who also attended came saying he saw ‘pastor Lawrence laid hands on me’, I said yes and I know I have received what I asked. He requested to lay hands on him too. Like a movie, I said the same words pastor Lawrence said to me, ‘another measure!’. This brother lifted off the ground and had his whole self knocked on the floor, I was sorry. I didn’t know it was that heavy on me.

    We cleaned up the brother. He received it by God’s grace. Glory to Jesus Christ, I had the presence of God so strong!!!

    I run a Christian radio programme on Blast 98.3 FM, on the next Sunday, it was fire over the airwaves. Gifts of the spirit manifested, the presence was heavy. People expressed how they were blessed. The programme has not remained the same since then!!!

    Halleluyah, glory to Jesus Christ. I’m blessed by God! I received his presence and his deliverance. Thank you pastor Lawrence, thank you for yielding to God. Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ!!!

  49. Good morning Church,
    Truly God have been faithful to me..

    On Wednesday, I was on my way for a prayer meeting which I attend every Wednesday.. as I got to Lotus Bank at Bodija, the keke I boarded had its front tyre removed and the keke summersaulted twice.. I was sitting at the left corner of the keke… The keke got dragged with my leg to be stopped by the Bank’s Fence…

    Accidents like this leads to death straight but I was kept alive…

    Was unconsciously rushed to the hospital as I was draining out blood, God came through for me.. haven’t done my NHIS which I intended to but God settled the bills…

    Praise God!
    I know the Breaker has gone ahead of me.. many might wonder the correlation with that sentence made earlier but na me know the importance of Prayer, Fasting and Praise o..

    God did it!
    He who sits in Heaven laughs…

    Thanks you all DAVIDS including the pastorate and the entire family of the body of Christ… Una prayers dey reach us too ooo..

    Ẹsẹ púpò.

  50. Good morning church, good morning Pastorate.
    My name is Divine and I will be sharing my testimony now.
    I joined this church last year as the Lord lead me here.
    It was quite difficult to follow the lead of the Lord as a student who has been searching for admission for some years now and still searching who earns 4k per week and then decides to spend 2k of it every Sunday to come to church.
    I tell it was not easy even as my mum took it up but I want to thank God that he has been making that possible to do.

    I got to DGC broken, almost discouraged. You know when you take a step and ask the Lord before doing it and he really didn’t say anything and then you end up failing and then after then He speaks.
    The devil almost had me because so many situations that almost make you doubt if the Lord is still in the boat with you or if no water indeed can swallow the ship where lies the master of ocean and earth and sky came up. It was just too much.

    On the day of the hangout at agodi garden for the second year anniversary, I sat down while all the fun was going on I was just looking.
    Pastor Lawrence called me there and asked if He could speak to me and then I gave in.
    I explained how I have been searching for admission for years now and all and He prayed for me and I knew that it was from His heart so I went home rejoicing that my prayers were answered already.

    Though before then I wrote the Oau post utme and then I got disqualified by 0.6 so then I changed to FUTA( FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECH AKURE).
    I want to thank the Lord, because I received my ” CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE BEEN ADMITTED”.
    After years of waiting and even some ofy mates already graduated..

    Thank you Jesus..
    I will be back to share my testimony on how the Lord would provide for all necessary need for admission and show me favour.
    Am so glad.
    Thank you family 💖

  51. Sis Temitope Solaru

    Good day Church. It’s so good to be here (home). Looking back and counting my blessings, two remarkable events stand out for which I feel indebted to testify!
    Firstly, I thank God for His mercies that made me encounter liberation of the soul. It was year 2020 and I was in the valley/heat of great depression, but on hearing one the chants of Pastor my spirit came up, out & ALIVE! This was a miracle of mercy because I had been shut out from the blessings of this ministry due to some statements I made about the Pastor in ignorance. This not only liberated my soul but opened amazing doors for me. I thank God for showing me mercy.
    Secondly, I want to thank God for His FAITHFULNESS! God is indeed Faithful, He doesn’t LIE! HE gave me a Word last year March and HE ensured a thorough follow up on it. At the end of it all, instead of breaking apart I broke through into this commission!! And it has since been the most amazing time of my life!!! I THANK THE LOVER OF MY SOUL FOR HITHERTO HE HAS HELPED ME. Church Praise the LORD!

  52. Good morning Church, my name is Blessing. I want to testify of God’s faithfulness and divine favour upon me and my family.
    God assured my family that He’ll take care of us when we lost my dad in October, 2023 and truly, he has provided financially in ways we have never experienced. We have been receiving miracle alerts from people both known and unknown regularly.
    There were also needs I personally had like a better laptop and content creation kit and the Lord provided them for me as gifts through people.
    The most recent one was that a woman I met on the bus on my way down to Ibadan for BAR gifted me money and even hailed a cab for me and paid for it.
    I have come to thank God for this unprecedented favour. I am blessed to belong to this family of Christ. May the Lord continually bless the pastorate. May God bless and increase the Davidic Generation Church, in Jesus name.

  53. I want to testify of the things God did for my family last year. The first one was concerning a building project which has been stagnated for many years. In 2022, I became burdened about the situation and started praying, then God’s promise concerning it came which I shared with my family. Also, many times in church God spoke through Pastor Victor concerning personal house completion and I keyed into it. God opened a unique opportunity that allowed us sell the land on which we had built the first structure that December. We also started family prayers every week after I heard the testimony of what God did for a family through family prayers. In early 2023, work started on the new land we bought.
    Dear brethren, by June, the building was roofed and burglary fixed in few months, much more progress than we had accomplished in about eleven years at the former location. I am so grateful to God for fulfilling his promises and thanking him in advance for the full completion of the building in this year.

    I also want to thank God for my mother who started a masters programme and was given a supervisor who was not agreeable. She would complain to me about the situation and her fear of not finishing in time and I would encourage her and tell her that prayers was the way to change the situation favourably. We kept on praying about it throughout the period of writing her project. She finally submitted the work in December before the deadline. The testimony is the way her supervisor helped her through the whole process, someone who was initially nitpicking everything turned out helping with the work, directing her on different aspects of her work that her fellow students didn’t have the privilege to enjoy.
    This favour is real!!!
    I’m thanking God for the favour in the house and teachings by our Pastors.

    Lastly, in October, Pastor said it was a month of many firsts. I got a job that month from my first direct freelance client. Previously, jobs gotten were routed through my boss. I thank God for this, and many more to come.

  54. Good day everyone. My name is Deborah. I have a lot of testimonies and I don’t even know where to start from. I joined Davidic generation church on the 8th of October and I had three prayer points then. My induction ceremony was on the 13th of October hence my first prayer point; God please, let my induction ceremony go excellently well and open financial doors for my family because we spent so much during my final year already. Glory to God,my induction ceremony went extremely well, and there was money for everything in fact there was extra money to buy a cake sef. My second prayer point was for my internship, I prayed to God for internship placements as soon as possible and I had so much faith that he was going to answer me. First week came, I didn’t hear anything from the places I applied. Second week, third week, fourth week nothing. And anytime I come to church there is always a testimony about how somebody prayed for something and God did it and I was thinking that Ahhhh God, what is happening? The waiting period was actually very hard because some of my mates had gotten placements and I didn’t even hearing anything from anywhere. Not even a call or text to come for interview. I kept my faith and kept on thanking God. The annoying part was that the places that seemed like we had connection and it was going to work out, nothing.. lol that was when I knew God is the only connection. It was beginning to look like there was a problem because anywhere I did not apply, they would call them for interview and places where I applied nothing. There was one, I told my friend to submit my application for me but because she thought they would not collect it without passport, she didn’t submit, they called them within two weeks. Fast forward to 5th of December, I got a message from HMB osogbo to come for verification of documents and I was like ahh osogbo, I didn’t want osogbo because their pay was low and I just applied because my friend wanted to apply not because I was serious about it. I said a word of prayer jokingly, that God they should even increase their salary maybe I will have interest and boom when I got their for verification(I just went for going sake), somebody just said something like they have increased their pay by 27k. If you see how I shouted, I was like when how bla bla bla, then she said they just increased it this last month,that was November salary. I was so happy and that is how I took the job.
    My last prayer point was for financial breakthrough because I didn’t know how I was going to survive without allowance but God did it. Every week, money entered my account from somewhere.
    Even when I wanted to move from Ibadan to Osogbo; I was really bothered because of the accommodation money, provision but God did it. I got the accommodation of my choice. Praise the Lord. I have more o but let me just stop here. God bless the pastorate, God bless Pastor Lawrence and Mama Dara, God bless Pastor Victor.

  55. Oluwatomilola

    I am Oluwatomilola

    I want to give all the glory back to God for his mercies and his kindness towards me. I had less than two weeks to prepare for a major examination and two days before the exam the scores I was getting from the practice test were so bad, way less than the passing mark I needed. I got worried a bit because the exam was a lot of money and I used all my savings to register for the exam. A night before the exam I spoke to pastor Victor and he said “God will grant me outstanding success” I held on to it and I kept on confessing that I will succeed. After the exam, I sincerely felt like I didn’t do it well at all but I remember the testimony of that person who didn’t get up to the cut off mark but got admission into the university merit list. So I insisted.
    Lo and behold, my result came out and I passed excellently well.
    This is huge for me and I’m deeply grateful to God
    I believe that the God that has begun the good work will complete it in my life and I will come back here to share more and more.
    God bless the pastorate
    God bless DGC
    I’m glad God brought me here

  56. DUSHIME Aline

    Good morning church, I came to return all the glory to God for all things he has been doing in my life, I am very grateful in my heart. I followed BAR virtualy, on the second day I wake up with severe stomach pain I started declaring that I am healed but pain continue during the ministration that at some point I was not able to focus after ward I feel like going to the toilet I go there afterwards there was a little relief, from that time I start feel going to the toilet every time so finally I realized that enemy want me to be distracted me that I will not follow second day ministration, so during evening prayer the person who was leading the prayer say about how we have to command our body, so I command it that I will not go to the toilet until the evening session ended still pain was there, I have not gone to the toilet again and pain kept decreasing gradually and next day I wake up feeling well and I followed the whole second day sessions Glory to God. Another thing happened during 12hours prayer that I started to feel very weak that I have to go to sleep and this things used to happen while I am in meeting where there is so much power of God I kept praying believe God to deliver from that attack, I don’t know how I slept off when pastor was ministering healing and deliverance but after few minutes I wake up feeling energised that something left me, I continued prayer until the end I give all glory to God

  57. Good morning church, the Lord has done me well and I have come to return all glory to Him! This story is long, I just have to summarize it.
    I happen to be in Ibadan by virtue of service to Fatherland, my fellow corper invited me to church and from the first day I worshipped here I knew this is the place for me and I am grateful for this family.
    I am a law graduate looking forward to going to law school next year. The law school tuition was increased to #476,000 as opposed to #296,000. From my undergraduate years, law school has been a matter of concern to me because of how expensive it is and knowing how humble my background is and worse of it all my mother who was sponsoring my education died in 2019.
    The day I saw the notice of increment, I just kept laughing because I just don’t know how it will be done but I trusted that God will take care of it.
    In the month of November, I was very intentional about fasting and praying especially the one week of marathon fast though I didn’t do marathon
    fast, I was breaking my fast by 8pm or 7pm. That was the first time I stretched in fasting, other times I use the ulcer I have as excuses but the way pastor kept reiterating that ‘if you miss this week I don’t know what you would do’ I was challenged to fast.
    Men and brethren I stretched in prayers, fasting and declarations.
    I kept painting the pictures I wanted to see. I also filled the form to meet with pastor while that was pending, I attended the live recording session on the 29th of November, after the session I was observing as Pastor was still exchanging pleasantries and I was prompted to move towards where he is if I can just get to talk to him for few minutes. I met with pastor and told him the financial constraint I had, it was very brief I couldn’t pour out my heart but pastor prayed for me and he said that there will be more than enough provisions.
    Fast forward to December, I kept believing and declaring words, when I get to hear some testimonies in church I tell myself if God can do that then mine is a small challenge.
    Around 15th of December, I started getting weary. I still trusted God but I was getting tired. To me the year is almost ending and I am yet to see anything, I was already reaching out to some specific people with no positive response. On the 21st day of December, a woman from my PPA reached out to me and asked that I meet her in her office, I went there and she said ‘i heard about your case and while I was praying the Lord instructed me to pay your school fees’ everything happened so fast! There and then she transferred my school fees to me and asked that she remains anonymous. I am giving all glory to God because indeed the breaker went ahead of me to speak to someone on my behalf. I am still holding unto God’s servant words that there will be more than enough provisions for this journey and I trust God to perfect everything that concerns me.
    God bless the entire pastorate of Davidic Generation Church!!!

  58. Good morning The Davidic Generation Church, I want to Say A very big Thank You To God & Testify To His Goodness, God helped me to Start Making Money Online At The Point I was about to be disappointed When I got Admitted For My HND, It all Came as A Thought but am grateful to God that I executed it.

    Am also grateful to God for the financial Breakthrough & clearing of Debts for my Mum, She was forgotten
    in her father House but recently she was remembered and half a million was given to her.

    We Give God All The Glory For The Great Things He Had Done.

  59. Okunade Moses Busayo

    Good morning church.

    My Name is Okunade Moses Busayo.

    I write this to appreciate God for His mercy and favour upon me, my sister who is also a member of this family.

    The first time I brought my sister to church was for the October first 12 hours prayer charge we had last year after 5 nursing denied her of admission in 2022 alone not to even add 2021.

    So I told her to meet me in Ibadan for the 12 hours prayer charge. people of God, she did her capping and knotting last week on the 19th of December.

    Similarly, that same December 19 makes it exactly 2 years that God rescued me from a lifetime imprisonment or dead by hanging. Thank God for 12 hours prayer charge.

    On the 17th December 2021, we had a 12 hours charge on the Lagos island in a church called “The Trinity house”, it was the first time I heard the song “Blessed be the God of David, He’s teaching my hands to war and my fingers to fight” He indeed taught my hands to war.

    The Sunday after the prayer charge, a work colleague of mine called me to come and help her that she is dying because she swallowed bone which has now blocked her wind pipe (I did not know her house until that moment).

    I wanted to rush out to go meet her after she had sent her address but the Holy Spirit said I should kneel down, I was like this is an emergency but I reluctantly did it.

    She was already choking by the time we got to Gbagada teaching hospital and even collapsed 2 times in the clinic.

    I did not know I was in trouble until the doctors and nurses started asking me what I did to her,
    Ha, did to her keh??

    After thorough examination, the doctor said they will have to cut her throat open or else we’ll lose her in the next 2 hours. I insisted she called her family members but they were not picking. I was lost in fear and confusion then she said “Moses, please don let me die” and then I remembered the song from the 12 hours, I bought a bottle water from a nearby shop, made declarations to the water and gave her to drink and immediately somebody who has not been able to speak well for the past 3 hours shouted IT IS GONE!!!

    We went back to the hospital to inform the doctors, one of them looked at me and said “GOD REALLY LOVES YOU O”

    Blessed be the God of David,
    Thank you pastor Lawrence,
    Many thanks to the pastorate.

  60. Hello everyone. I want to testify to the goodness of God in my life. I joined the church during the last marathon fast in November 2023.
    I worked for someone, and the person refused to pay me. I was the only person in the team who had not been paid. I was worried and told my friend about it. She encouraged me to join the fasting and prayer and also check the testimonies on the DGC website, which I did, and key into the others testimony.
    After the program, I received an alert about 60℅ of the money. God is wonderful! I want to thank Pastor Lawrence. More anointing in Jesus name

  61. Hello Church,

    I am thanking GOD for DGC and for all teachings. I joined this amazing family officially on May 2023. I am from Gabon but I live in Senegal and since 2021 I am drastically impacted by Pastor Lawrence. On May when I was at church I knew that I belong to this Family and Pastor said to me that you are one of us. I took this word at heart.
    My testimony is on my work, I started to have a lot of issues at work and my work that was, for me Excellent, started to be reconsidered, error of Thousands Euros or Dollars lost. And I was sad, the enemy started to whisper in my mind that I am not good at my work, I dont deserve this position, they will fire me. But God confirmed that He has gone ahead of me twice :
    – In October after our September fasting I did a mistake and $1K lost in just 3 hours they said that they will deduct it from my salary, but Church just shout The Breaker Has gone ahead of me. My manager said that they will deduct it from my salary in 1 or 3 times, and you know I’m a Davids, it is one for all, I said take it in one and then listen the goodness of God, I did not know that I was among the best employees of my department this month and then I would have got a bonus, then my manager said oki we wont touch your salary, we will take it on your bonuses, brother and sister I received even more than expected. And one of my client gave us a deal of 100.000$ so 1,000$ lost to win 100,000$ indeed I am a win for this company.
    – In December after November fast, marathon, great declaration in passover night, on Saturday I received notifications from work, $3,500 lost because of a mistake and my manager said : Monday morning we will have a call to explain, aaahhhhh church I was sad, and of course the enemy came and whisper again his bad thoughts but this time I stayed focus (yes I cried a bit anyway). I start to declare words and to see that He that is in me is greater than he is in the word, greater than my mistakes, greater than my manager, even greater than this meeting for explication. I dressed well and styled my hair, I pray with my brothers, I was BOLD like a LIONESS and guess what, JESUS IYEEEE you have done it again in your special way. During this call I found favor in the eyes of my manager, she even prepared everything for me, she repaired the mistake the power of GOD impact circumstances in a way that I was still favored. And as God just find pretext to bless you, a client contact me to be under me so all bonuses for this new client will be affected to me.

    God is good, thank you Pastor Lawrence for all the teaching and passion that you communicate to us, thank you Pastor Victor for advice on way to record all my work. Thank you pastorate I am grateful, thank you all my brothers and sisters of DGC you are in my heart and I am not alone. I love you all I can’t wait to come and fellowship with you all onsite.

  62. Hello Church,
    I’m thanking God today for His innumerable goodness in my life. For how He saved me from darkness and brought me to light, for transforming and renewing my mind. For preserving and providing constantly for me in a strange land. For the gift of Davidic generation church in my life. I say may all Glory, Adoration and Honour be unto my great God forever and ever Amen.

  63. I want to thank God for answer prayer, when I came for Breakthrough program that held in November, the Lord did great things in my life. Although I was there for a day, but I enjoyed God. The first thing is the change in my spiritual growth.
    Secondly, I was called for my graduation for a solar empowerment that I had done seven month ago and I had not been called back for my graduation, but while the pastor said if you applied for a grant, you are getting it. And when I got home I got it on that same day. I have been given necessary equipment and I pray the Lord touch their heart to pay the remaining money.
    Praise God, the Lord is good.

  64. I want to thank God for healing my cluster headaches which lasted for 5 days. I called on DGC to join me pray and I was healed. I also want to thank God for favor, I went for an NDDC interview and was able to answer all the questions correctly. I also want to thank God for my admission, it was just God all through. I give all glory to God.

  65. Isaiah Miracle

    Good morning church I want to really thank God for what He has been doing in my since January and I really want thank God for allowing me to talk to pastor Lawrence one on one because this has been my hunger since last year anytime I watch him online he really transformed my life i really want to thank God how u I went to a tutorial and all student in my class gave their life to Christ and got baptize in the holy ghost and thier hunger and passion for God, I went to a secondary school also about 30 student gave their life Christ and got baptize in the holy ghost,And another testimony how i met a sister who has not given her to life to Christ I led her to Christ and she got baptize in the holy ghost online and also she was suffering from ulcer I told her does she have faith I recorded a voice note and send to her immediately she said she felt something moving in her body and after 2weeks I chatted her again she the ulcer has gone and she can now fast and pray very well and lastly I really want to thank God how he paid part of debt which I believe he will pay all because last week the holy spirit told to share testimony without my debt being paid I was like it doesn’t make any sense oo and I yielded to the voice and obeyed after I shared the testimony on the platform 2days later someone paid about 50000 out of the 100k I was owning and I believe God will finish his work and sort lastly I want to thank how my sister that have been looking for job for the past 7yrs got a job this October kai there is God in Dgc and I really appreciatethe atmosphere of love in this church love you pastor Lawrence God bless you sir.

  66. Praise the Lord, Church. I am here to testify to God’s goodness again. God has been so faithful to me. After I got back to Ibadan after my spoken word ministration, one of my clients whom God had initially used the previous week chatted me up and asked me how much my school fees for the semester cost. This man stays in Texas, USA so I told him we pay per year and I paid 69,000. Then he asked if it had closed and If I had paid and I told him, yes
    He told me I should remind him that he will be paying for my 2nd year. Pastor sir, I was dumbfounded. I have never met this man, we only communicate on the phone. This afternoon I got an alert of 69,000 on my phone. I went online on WhatsApp to see a message from this same man telling me he would be paying my school fees till I graduate and the money he sent was a refund of the one I paid.
    I have cried! I have cried so much because I know how stressful it was before I could pay that one considering I am sponsoring myself.
    After the 12hrs breakthrough, it has been testimonies upon testimonies for me and my household. Thank you, Pastor, sir and ma for yielding.

  67. Hello Church,

    I want to bless the name of the Lord, God has been so faithful to me and everyone that surrounds me. First of I want to thank God for the gift of Salvation. God saved me, renewed my youth and gave me a new name.

    People will always say never relocate without a plan
    either within your country or abroad but I did. I moved to this city a few weeks ago, I was scared and had so many questions but God kept telling that He asked me to move and so therefore I have the best PLAN. I had 4000 naira in my savings account and just few weeks grace in the place I planned to stay amid worries and fear, I packed my bags and moved here, physically joined Davidic Generation Church( I said physically because I was one of the online members)

    Church! to the glory of God, since I got here I have seen the hand of God in my life spiritually, physically and every other way you can think of( I see GROWTH). God told me He won’t leave me stranded and He kept to his promise, provided a house for me, the only time I got hungry was out my laziness not because there was no money or food. I’m so thankful to God and I believe this is the beginning of Multiple Harvest.

    I want to say thank you to Pastor Lawrence, he has been a blessing to me since 2019 when I first discovered his songs, never did I think I would one day refer to him as MY PASTOR.

    I also want to appreciate Pastor Victor, you are a true man of God sir.

    Thank you church for welcoming me.

  68. Hallelujah, Praise God the people of God.
    I am so grateful for the grace in this house, I had an enter with God after watching our Father in the house program he talked about a young boy called Ayodege, O my God this story touched me I was wondering how a little boy’s life like this change then mind still like this.
    Ayodege a Muslim who vowed not to have anything with Christianity after a ministration of Pastor Lawernce at their school went back home and started praying in tongues and reading his Bible non stop fasted the whole that week came to school and started advising his friends, to take Jesus serious who were Christians.
    Kai!!! I felt the breath of life in me and I changed my mum and sister kept wondering what had happened to me, I deleted all the worldly sounds in my phone downloaded all Pastor Lawrence, chants on my phone, and kept pace with Mount Zion movies.
    Praise be the name of God, I started praying for a change of heart for my sister and mum so they can come to Christ and enjoy the same peace I have God finally, answered my prayer and I can proudly sit and talk with my sister and mum how to grow in spirit something that before it was like an abomination.
    Glory be to God for transformation and I believe God that my whole family will come to seek God in truth not just churchgoers.

    Amen Amen Amen.

  69. Aderonke Daramola

    I Received full tuition reimbursement for my Masters degree and scholarship to further my studies. Hallelujah 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  70. Hello, church. I want to give thanks to the name of the Lord because He truly answers prayers. I want to thank God for favor. After I attended our last vigil during the fasting and prayer, God has been favoring me on all sides. I was trusting God for a particular amount to travel out of Ibadan for a spoken word ministration, miraculously God made more than enough, excesssssively enough. Truly, He is a covenant-keeping God.
    I was supposed to be back in Ibadan on Sunday but I ministered late and was advised to stay back till Monday. That Monday, I had classes, one by 9 am and there were scares that we’d be having test. I remembered the testimony of one of the brethren that Friday vigil and I exercised my faith too. I said this class would not hold and even if it did, we wouldn’t be having any tests, glory to God the class didn’t hold.
    I had another by 4 pm but the lecturer rescheduled for 6 pm and he sent a message that 5 marks will be deducted from the marks of absentees. My friend called to inform me and I told her there was nothing this lecturer wanted to use my 5 marks to do. The class was held but my 5 marks are still intact.
    I want to thank God for the souls that got yielded and, the feedback I got from my spoken word ministration. The Lord of the breaks really did go ahead of me.

  71. Good morning Church, I want to give God all the glory for his goodness in my life. When I left the City of Abuja for Ibadan to Serve, my friends and senior colleagues couldn’t understand what was going on with me; they felt I was leaving the city of opportunities and money, to an unknown city.
    I’m grateful to God because since I came to Ibadan and I joined DGC, my breakthrough started.
    For over 2years now, I’ve been praying to God to bring me into the realm of earning in Dollars, but it was as if my prayer wasn’t ascending.
    During the Month of September this year 2023, the holy spirit said to me “if you receive a Gig in Dollar now, is it your naira account you would use to receive the payment”? So quickly, I sort for a way to open a dollar account.
    Fast forward to the month of October, a friend of mine introduced me to a Job that they pay in dollar. About 7 of us registered for this job initially, but out of the 7, I was the only one given. Indeed, October was my month of many first. My heart is so filled with Joy, and I want to thank God because this is just a tip of the ice berg and it is the beginning of many more to come. Indeed my way is clear and the limitation has been lifted. In a short while, I’m coming back with another mind-blowing testimony.
    Thank you pastor Lawrence, thank you Pastorates for always giving us words that stirs our faith and for always decreeing the blessings of the Lord upon us.

  72. Blessing Enofe

    My name is Blessing Enofe. I’m here to testify of God’s loving kindness and provision for my family. My Dad had a road accident last month and the church prayed but it pleased the Lord to call him home. It has always been my Dad’s desire that every part of his life glorifies God, even his burial. However, he was the first practising Christian in his lineage. So, there were alot of contentions on how the burial would take place from his extended relations. But, the Lord assured us that He was going to be glorified if we do not compromise and take our stand on having a Christian burial as Daddy desired.

    During prayers and fasting, the Holy Spirit gave instructions and wisdom on how to go about the funeral preparation and at the end, we were able to have a peaceful and successful funeral ceremony, to the glory of God. Jesus was indeed glorified and the gospel of salvation was ministered throughout the 3-day ceremonies. God also miraculously provided for the funeral from diverse quarters we bever thought of.

    I’m here to express my gratitude to God for taking control and to the church of Christ for backing us up with prayers, givings, calls, visits and all. We experienced God’s love like never before and we are grateful!

    May God continually uplift His Church, in Jesus name! Praise the Lord!

  73. Good morning Davidic family
    My name is feyisayo, I am so happy to be a testifier today. I will do my best to short it the way I can..
    I have been led severally to change my church but have been ignoring it because I don’t know which church to really choose or go to, then God confirmation was when one of my friends posted one of church fliers, I was surprised at first because I didn’t know I would be privilege to be under pastor lawrence ministration ever and coming for the first Sunday program & I heard, that’s the church you will be going
    The testimonies

    Firstly I told God that very day that tfare shouldn’t be a hinderance for every Sunday Program because it a little bit far from church and davidic to my surprise, it has never been a problem, God did it and it’s been months now
    Secondly, Davidic family, really growth is by force in this church, my growth with God is so surprising that I am so happy , the fasting, the joy I find in reading the word of God and in praying and Sunday has now been the best day of the week for me
    Thirdly that surprised me, miracle service last week Sunday, I came with a back ache that has being coming and going but in the church service it started again, then made it a point of prayer to experience miracle,
    Davidic family it happens oo after the service the pains were gone
    And one more, my school fees, I asked God for surprised testimonies and he did it by paying half and I’m believing him for the completion🙏
    Thank you God , thank you pastorate, I am so happy to be part of this family

  74. Good morning Church.
    Good morning Pastorate.
    My name is Emmanuel.
    I should have shared this testimony but I thought it wasn’t really a testimony until I read Kenneth Hagin’s book series on demonology and found out someone who actually did what I did and it worked.
    During church anniversary week, I developed fever and headache. It lasted about a week during this time, I didn’t want to use Malaria drugs but my temperature would rise up, I’ll be shivering and I’ll be having headache. The first time I developed fever and headache, I thought to myself if I can’t participate in the things I would love to do and I’ll be on the same spot, then let me pray in tongues for as long as I can. This I did and after about 10 minutes, cold left, headache left, fever left and I sat up and began to eat and after wards used only paracetamol which to the best of my knowledge at this moment helps to relieve pains only.
    The evening of the next day, these symptoms all returned then I did the same thing again and this time, I began to sweat and it all lifted again. The evening of the third day again, it came back and I did the same thing and this time, it went and didn’t return again. I give all glory to God for healing and helping me see that I actually received an healing. Thank you so much pastorate for your investments in our lives. GOD WILL BLESS YOU MORE THAN BEFORE!

  75. Good morning Church, I want to bless the name of the Lord for his goodness and mercies upon my life, this actually my first time joining the online community. I want to testify that after the shout and prayers, I felt instant relief and assurance that God has taken over my situation and problems. I was afraid of the future but now I am no longer afraid, Jesus has done it. I testament of his love, I and my Family share testimonies. In Jesus name Amen.

  76. Good morning church.
    I joined this church in the month of October and what a tremendous blessing it has been.

    My sister and her family (husband and two young children) had accomodation issues since June. At first, things were not working out for them financially and we started to pray about it. They were evicted and had to squat from one place to another. God was faithful however, because they got a secured place to put all of their belongings.

    We continued to trust God and the prayer answering God came though for us. By the month of October, their income had increase by about 150%. They were able to save up some money by September and we thought that was it.

    Surprisingly, despite them having enough money to get a small place to manage, they couldn’t. It was one disappointment after another. They would make agreements but it would fall through at the point of payment. They were able to pay at one time and we were excited but their rent was returned at the last minute.

    At the beginning of this month – November, they got a beautiful three bedroom house with a self-contain BQ but it was about one million naira over their budget. They declined because they didn’t want to pay so much money in rent and not be able to maintain it. They wanted to just manage somewhere. But I guess God had other plans.

    My sister and her husband prayed about it and they both kept saying they perceived that was the house God had for them. So we agreed that if God wants them to get this one, they won’t have to borrow for it. The money would come effortlessly.

    Few days later they secured another long term contract that increased their income again by 100%. The same amount that took them four months to save, they saved it in two weeks and they were able to pay for the house. God is good!

    We thought that was the end. The house was ready. They inspected it and there was no need for any repairs, yet, the landlord for over two weeks gave flimsy excuses why they couldn’t move in. Their money was not returned, yet they couldn’t move in. Infact, she travelled with the key to the house.

    That was when we knew that money was only one part of the problem, there was a roadblock. During the marathon fast I told God that November is our month of breakthrough and I do not want this issue to carry over till December.

    To the glory of God after many hindrances (which I can’t mention because of time), they moved into their house yesterday – 25th of November. They are not managing. They have more than enough room to themselves and their income has increased by 250%. They went from homeless and broke to abundance. God brought them to Rehoboth. Baal Perazim broke through for us!

    I want to thank Pastor Lawrence, the pastorate of Davidic Generation Church and all of her members. It’s a privilege to be a partaker of what God is doing in this house. God bless you all.

  77. Bowaye Halleluyah Praise

    Good morning, church.
    My name is Halleluyah.

    I give God the glory for coming through for me, anytime it seems impossible.
    This was one of my major prayer request, during the marathon fast.
    Secondly, I bless God for coming through for me, during my exam.
    This was my first examination as a student of the university of Ibadan, I had to break the fear through faith.
    Glory to God, it went well. And I trust God for a success.

  78. I would like to thank the pastorate for giving me the opportunity to share my testimony. I joined this ministry on the 1st of October. On that day, Pastor declared that the month of October shall be a month of many first and we shall experience conversion from the place where we have been struggling to a place where we shall become a specialist in delivering others from those struggles. I was in a place where i knew the solution to most of my problems but there was no strength to act on these solutions. God had also laid it in my heart to create a YouTube channel but it was looking like a big project to me. I was not sure of the purpose of creating the channel. Miraculously, God connected me with the right association and resources and i was able to create the Youtube Channel and lot more for the first time.

    Coming to the month of November, I was surprised to be confirmed “fit to fast” because of my previous health issues. I have never succeeded in embarking on a marathon fast before and I was battling with ulcer. Miraculously, I was strengthened throughout the fast. While coming to Church last week, I felt so different in my body especially in my stomach. It felt like something had left me. Previously, I usually wake up with pain and discomfort in my stomach and it worsened when I took overdose drug in an attempt to commit suicide two months ago but during the fast, It felt like I was flushing my stomach and I have been fine since then.

  79. Glory to God!!
    When Pastor said we should see ourselves in our future, I was musing on the word and when Pastor said we should shout, I shouted and I saw smokes.

  80. Good morning church
    My name is Susan
    I joined the church few months ago,I know God intentionally brought me to DGC ,Have been praying for growth spiritually and during our fasting period ,I prayed about breaking through spiritually, even though I didn’t fast,I was so intentional about this prayer..
    So on Sunday during the miracle service when we were asked to shout ,and I shouted….I felt the presence of God on me the way I have never felt before….This was the first time I experience God’s presence on me……indeed it was a great encounter,the breaker has gone ahead of me….I have brokenthrough 🙏 I’m so glad because I am part of this wonderful family

  81. Good morning church
    My name is Susan
    I joined the church few months ago,I know God intentionally brought me to DGC ,Have been praying for growth spiritually and during our fasting period ,I prayed about breaking through spiritually, even though I didn’t fast,I was so intentional about this prayer..
    So on Sunday during the miracle service when we were asked to shout ,and I shouted….I felt the presence of God on me the way I have never felt before….This was the first time I experience God’s presence on me……indeed it was a great encounter,the breaker has gone ahead of me….I have brokenthrough 🙏 I’m so glad because I am part of this wonderful family

  82. Good morning church am here to testify to the goodness kai there is God in Dgc I joined this church last 6month and have been seeing the goodness of God in my life.
    My first testimony is how my sister got a job after 7yrs when she finished school and service so I met with pastor Lawrence he gave me some instructions to do after I finished those instructions the following week some organisation called my sister that they’ve been looking for her to give her job and they told her no accommodation for the job and she have been spending alot of money on tfare suddenly before we finish the 7days fasting they called her and beg her that there is accommodation glory to God now she have packed to the apartment . The second testimony was how I lost a 100000 to some people omo it hasn’t been easy for me for the past two I was trusting God for repayment the devil keep on using those thought to bring me downAnd the holy spirit told me to share the testimony that My debt have been paid I was trusting God for fund and I told before the end of this week whether he do it or not he still God but I just want to thank for making me stand in the midst of the storm and the situation I will keep on trusting him to pay my debt him and put the devil to shame glory to more testimonies are still coming in watchout

  83. Good afternoon, Davids!
    My name is Mabel, and this is my first testimony in the Davidic Generation Church.During the miracle service, I had my expectations written down. While Pastor Victor was sharing the testimony, I told myself I would also share my first testimony next Sunday. Meanwhile, while Pastor Lawrence was preaching, the Holy Spirit told me to add this particular infirmity I’ve been dealing with low-key to my list of expectations. For 5 years now, I’ve been having nasal congestion coupled with lung obstruction, not the regular one. I always wake up with my nose blocked, and I always cough out smelly phlegm. Aside from that, any smell chokes me easily. I thought it was asthma, but I did a spirometry test during my lab posting, and the result was that my lungs are normal. I was concerned: if my lungs were normal, why am I having all these complications?During the Great Shout, I was really struggling to scream as loud as I could. I kept having breaks, and I was coughing. It wasn’t easy for me. I said, This shout of victory, I must shout it. I tried all I could, and then I had to stop. When we started singing Jesu o, Jesu o, I saw my mom, and she was telling me that my brother and sisters’ names are now on the Senate list for NYSC, which we’ve been praying about for some years now. I was rejoicing in the spirit; I was laughing out loud. All of a sudden, I felt the impact of the Holy Spirit. During this divine encounter, I felt a very hot sensation in my chest; it was quite unbearable. As Pastor was releasing utterances, I was screaming.Lo and behold! I suddenly realized I was shouting greatly—a shout of David—without any obstruction or discomfort for a very long stretch. Yes, the lung issue the Holy Spirit asked me to pray about has been cleared. I couldn’t contain my joy; I’m healed! After five years of managing this illness, Jesus healed me.And I’m very sure that before next Sunday, I will send another testimony of how God has answered our prayers in my family and that my siblings will be going for their youth service very soon (after 3+ years of waiting). And I know that God has helped my family breakthrough financially.Glory to God!

  84. Good afternoon David’s
    I’ve been asthmatic for the past 3 years
    Stage 4 asthma
    There’s nothing I’ve not done
    I’m after today’s miracle service
    I discovered I could breathe well
    No more chest pain
    I’m in serious shock as I’m typing
    Because it’s still feels like a dream
    I’ve been in so much discomfort
    That I had to get use to it
    Since I became asthmatic
    But now!!
    Like now!!!
    I mean right now!!
    I’m normal
    I can breathe well
    I can breathe 😭😭😭😭😭😭
    I can breathe
    Oh God

  85. Michael Elizabeth

    Good afternoon church I want to bless the name of the lord for breakthrough in my academic my results came out and I as been A’s and B’s which unlike before that I use to have D’s

  86. Good afternoon…
    During the miracle Sunday today, I actually did saw an angel sword fighting with a man on suit while the shouting was going on… I believe THE BREAKER HAS GONE AHEAD OF ME TO FIGHT THROUGH, SCALE THROUGH, SHIFT THROUGH, BREAKTHROUGH AND BREAK FORTH FOR ME…

  87. Good morning Davids,good morning to our pastorate, God bless you pastor for everything, my life has truly changed and its not up to a month I started coming to davidic generation, I have found my home.
    Hallelujah, my testimony is that during the miracle service, pastor said when we shout we would start seeing things jump out of us, before that day, during the prayer chain on Friday, when pastor said we should hold our neighbours hand and pray for breakthrough, I saw a vision of the heavens opened and things like Gold started falling around me. I felt oh okay, I didnt fully understand it, but during the miracle service as I shouted ,I saw a black smoke leave my body, and I also saw a black smoke leave my family house. And a hand opening a shoe box, and inside lied a shoe and the hand lifted the shoe and under it was a key,and it was handed to me.
    For someone like who doesn’t understand visions, I felt in my spirit that mr breakthrough is here .
    Thank you Jesus ,thank you lord, the spirit of the breaker has indeed gone before me.

  88. During the service as I pictured what I want to be and my family. I saw how we all held our hands together, I expected smiles and laughter. But I saw us wearing a mask and as I said they should remove it, it’s like an onion that has layers. So I screamed and and I see how the first person removed but I did not recognise the face. So I continue to scream with joy and I took to practice of removing and smashing it one by one and I know and I’m sure we are free, united and the Peace of God dwells in our family.

  89. My first at DGC was on the 4th of November, the breaker has gone ahead of me. For weeks I have had issues reaching my supervisor. I was working on a previous topic for my masters thesis and along the line it was cancelled. I then began reaching out to the prof for a new topic but to no avail today I am here to testify because a new topic was approved that week and I am starting out on a new topic and I believe God that there will be no other issues as regards my research and masters degree.

  90. Enoch Adediran

    A bit of a long one but I’ll summarize. I’m a software developer. I remember the service where Pastor shared the testimony of the young girl who got an expensive Samsung phone for free. This was the “Think it, Say it, Write it” during the series on Power

    During the service I remember looking at my life and thinking to myself. My destiny cannot be useless.
    I got home and I heard God tell me to say the word “Increase” for one hour. That’s all I said for one hour. No tongues. No pause. Increase. Increase. Increase. I started at 8:24pm. I finished at 9:24pm. At 9:26pm, a client that has been owing money for 3 months texts me completely out of the blue and asks for my account details. I got paid within a few minutes

    2 days later I wanted to try it out again. So I said “Fire”. For one hour. At my remote work, I wanted to do a design work for some extra pay. But they ignored me and hired two Pakistanis instead. During the call, my bosses felt so remorseful about the decision and shared with me that they wanted to Fire them. I was then begging for them that they should work under me instead.
    I got the job back.

    I got so excited that I wanted to try it again. So I said “speed”. I wish I had learnt to control the power because this one went a little out of hand. I woke up to find out that another client had launched a website without my permission even tho it was not ready. I was just congratulating them and I had to complete all that work that week. Something that took me several months

    There is power in our utterance.

  91. Good morning church

    My testimonies have been piling up for a while now,I have 4 testimonies so I will give them in parts every Sunday.

    I moved to Ibadan in April
    On my way coming for my job interview
    The Holyghost ministered to me that Ibadan is going to be my goshen.
    I wasn’t very happy moving here because I was leaving my church, my pastor and mentor, I was learning so much and growing spiritually.
    But deep down I knew it was time to
    Then i started looking for churches in Ibadan I went to almost all the popular churches but there was no connection then I caME to DGC IN JUNE I loved the worship and the word it was the atmosphere I hungered for just like my old church. But the distance from home was long so I said yeah it’s powerful but let me work with the church closer to my house.
    Anytime I don’t come to church the Holyghost will keep tugging at my heart the name of the church DGC kept popping in my heart.
    So after some months I came back on that Sunday God ministered to me to stay here. He said this is it. 2 confirmations of something I had been asking God came that moment gloryyyy!!!!!!!!!!!🥳🥳🥳 so much first testimony is finding a church which is Dgc
    2. I was opportune to meet with pastor and he instructed me to carry out an assignment concerning my travel plans I did oo after 2 days I started feeling very dizzy cause I was also on duty through out this period so going dry for 3 days on my feet at the hospital for 12-15 hours wasn’t very easy. So I didn’t complete it but God gave me strength for this 2 days it was my first time fasting 2 days dry. When pastor said it it was so strong that I lost my appetite immediately, he said eat your last meal today it hit me like fire, a desire to just stay with God came so strong, the next morning the Holyghost practically carried me through out, even when I broke the fast I wasn’t hungry. I discovered one of the verification I was waiting for came in the next day. One man at the Abuja office told me he will help me when it was time he stopped picking calls but when the power of God came in I didn’t need any man they replied my message immediately after that fast, thank you pastor.
    3. Pastor gave a word of knowledge about a month ago that someone is here who is processing something and you will receive an email on the 16th which was Monday by 12 noon, I believed with all my heart because I needed to be verified by the nursing board of a country. On Monday I kept checking I didn’t see it then on the 17th I checked my email and discovered that the email dropped on the 16th of October. Just as pastor said omo I was like is this how the power thing works.
    4. On my way home last week Saturday from work, which was the 4th of November I had an accident and landed on the coal tar with my head and it was bleeding , bruised my body and legs, severe body pains I went back to the hospital immediately and I was treated, the doctor requested a Ct scan, then the senior doctor asked to see me and examined the injury he said it didn’t affect the skull but just the scalp. Then they asked me to take a sick leave from work and I refused, the accident collided with my 4 days off so I decided to use it to recover I told them don’t worry all my injuries will dry up before then. I am sitting in church today all the injuries gone I have resumed my work and everything back to normal. The God of this church preserved me.
    5. Pastor talked about wealth coming to the church he said he wasn’t sure if it was 1 person or multiple persons but he saw 40 million dollars or something like that, the way my 2 business have been flourishing I can’t explain, I have students joining my ielts class from the Uk, Australia and Cyprus and I know very soon it will be all over the world. I also own a hair care line people are now buying the full package not even pieces anymore, someone who said she wanted to buy about a month ago just reached out and said she wants a full pack, I got a call from Nairobi a lady I used to make her hair when we were in the university, reached out that she needs my hair products in Kenya as well GOD IS IN THIS HOUSE AND I AM GLAD TO BE A PART OF IT.

  92. I joined DGC two weeks ago, I was scrolling through pastor Lawrence YouTube page looking for the 2 years thanksgiving service video( I wanted to play the music part while doing my morning devotion), I couldn’t find it, I came across a miracle Service video (February) , I played it jokingly and he was talking about getting miracle money and how we should check our account balance, he went ahead to say how testimonies can come months after this program. I prayed with it and was hoping because I didn’t have any money on me( I was even thinking where will I get money to come to church this week), people of God, the next day I received an unexpected amount of money . I cannot thank God enough. Praise the Lord

  93. Glory to God
    There have been supernatural provisions for me this week, unexpected alerts are just rolling in.

  94. Edem, Sylvester Emmanuel

    Good afternoon Davids! I am Sylvester by name.
    The God that does not forsake nor put His own to shame has come through for me.
    My testimony is concerning my school fees. Payment of the school fees and course registration is to end today, Friday the 17th of November,2023 but as of yesterday, Thursday the 16th of November,2023 I had not paid and didn’t even have the money to pay the fees.
    Throughout the course of the week when I open the DGC WhatsApp group page I see testimonies of God coming through for people in payment of their school fees and it strengthens my faith,keeps me calm and keeps my trust in The Lord. I was still confessing favour and that my fees be paid before the deadline.
    At around midnight of Thursday across Friday,I woke up to a credit alert that covers a huge percentage of the school fees, although not the complete school fees,I still trusted God for the complete amount so I could pay and at least register my courses,and behold,Jireh came through for me that Friday morning, using men to favour me.
    I give Abba all the praises and glory and thanksgiving.
    Thank You Father 🙏

  95. Good morning, Church. I want to bless God for his faithfulness and love for my family. My major testimony is over my Dad. I bless God for his life, which God has kept over the years. I know people who joined the Nigerian army together and they are nowhere to be found, some died while protecting the interest of the country. There are days when we know this is the end and God shows up and he is back. He needed to get a promotion this year. To get promoted he needed to take a course in Kaduna, a day-to his trip to Kaduna he fell sick and the rule in army forces is once they check your health and see if anything alarming you will not take the course because the course itself will stress you and cause you to break down. We were disturbed because he was very sick, my mum was like it’s not a must to go, his health is much more important but he left for the 3month course and he scaled through. That was the first stage, the second stage was in Jos he scaled through that too, to the glory of God.
    Now the final stage was getting your name enlisted we waited one month and nothing, he kept on texting me to keep on praying, and I told him everything would work well for him, and God would work it for him. A month became two months with no response but other lower cadres were getting enlisted and were disturbed but we kept praying.
    The 3rd month I got a call from my mum, she told me, that someone had come by and congratulated her that my Dad’s name was part of the list that would be released soon that someone stood up for him at the headquarters because as usual our leaders brought in people who did not go for the courses and training to replace those who went for the training but someone stood up for my Dad when I heard that I knew it was God because my Dad doesn’t have the kind of money they pay to get such and if he has sef he is not ready to bribe anyone. We don’t even know the person who stood for him. Yesterday Nov 16 my Dad was decorated Master Warrant Officer (RSM of Lungi Barracks, Abuja) it is huge for us because looking back we know it can only be God and truly the breaker went ahead of him to break protocols.
    I have come back to say thank you.
    I want to say a big thank you to the pastorate!

  96. I just received funds for my school fees just now🥹🥹🥹
    Deadline for course registration is supposed to be tomorrow and without school fees, I won’t be able to register any courses🥹🥹

    At this point, what can God not do🥹😌

    My week of major breakthrough indeed🤗🤗

  97. Hi Family
    Good evening.

    A quick one
    So uhm, there have been waves of testimonies flowing through this week, I rejoiced in my heart with all of them until mine came this morning after prayers in the form of an unexpected alert🤗🤭

    Truly, we are favoured..
    God bless the pastorate🔥🫠😌

  98. Good morning David’s.

    I want to give thanks to God for all he has done.

    So last week when I learnt that payment of school fees was going to close today, I was worried because some of my colleagues were yet to pay so I prayed with them and I kept confessing God’s favour and provision for them.

    God miraculously provided for them and yesterday all of them were able to pay thier school fees and do Thier course registration.

    Glory to God

  99. Good morning family, Good morning to the pastorate, thank you pastor for your declaration over our life’s,May the Lord anointing over your life continue to over flow,
    So straight to my testimony,it’s actually for my friend, about some weeks ago whenever she calls ,she was always complaining about money to pay for her exams and because of the rise in dollars she couldn’t pay and had chnaged from what it used to be and she was contemplating borrowing from a loan app,I advised her to try close friend’s rather than a loan, then I remembered pastors voice there is power o. So I said there is nothing God cannot do,I told her I belive God has settled her problems don’t worry, so about 2 days later she called and said ,guess what dollar has come down and the money that she has in her account is the exact money she needs to pay for her exams like it was the same not higher ,not Lower ,the same money she was looking to borrow to add to ,that money instantly became the amout she needed , she also said remember that she told me she had to travel to write the exam in lagos ,so she was also looking for money for transport to lagos and money to lodge there , she said I can’t belive it they have opened a center here in ibadan. And she said all these so causally, I had to tell her ,aren’t you seeing the miracles, should I list them for you. GOD is indeed great. 🙏

  100. Gbadegesin Lois

    Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah
    The Power of God is real
    My God is not a scam!!!
    I want to thank God for what he did for me. From not being qualified to write pre professional exam to being qualified to write pre professional exam to falling the pre professional exam to excelling in the resit pre professional exam to being qualified to write professional exam to becoming a REGISTERED NURSE. The Power of God manifested

    Church, on my first paper (paper 1) which happened to be CBT, the computer I used had issues everyone used 3hrs to write their exam, the questions were objectives and we were to answer 250 questions. Church my computer didn’t work, while others were answering questions, my system busy trying to disstablize me. But the power of God was manifested. After several attempts to change the computer I was using and still the same. I had to wait for everyone to finish their exam before I could start mine. Although myself and 2 others. I was given 1hr 25mins 11secs to finish up 250 questions, if not I’d be logged out and it would automatically submit itself. I had to rush

    Paper 2 was just on God, I didn’t know if I was picking the right answers or not, but the power of God manifested

    Paper3 which happened to be my practical kiaa, I didn’t finish up in one of the procedure station. But one statement I made was that “. The Power of God must be manifested”

    God did it
    Results came out on Saturday night and while others had seen theirs, I was sleeping. The following morning which was Sunday my friend called me and asked if I had seen my result, I said NO, I tried checking it didn’t go, I started blasting in tongues. I called my friend to help me check. She checked and said I passed. I told her to send me the screenshot because I couldn’t access the portal. Church I passed
    God did it
    The power of God was manifested
    God is real
    I just want to say thank you Jesus 🙏
    Praise the LORD 🙏

  101. Ochayi Justina Ofunu

    Good afternoon family

    God is indeed faithful oooo
    My double testimony just arrived, my elder sister called me few minutes ago to tell me how God just delivered my little nephew from a road accident, how he got to the middle of the road no one can tell and I asked her for the time that it occurred, it happen to be within the time we were praying. Time would fail me to give full details but all I know is that what the devil meant for evil and sorrow has been turned around for a testimony. Praise God, glory to God 💃🤗

    Also yesterday someone asked me to send my account details during the prayers and it looked as though he forgot but I kept on insisting intentionally in prayers and to the glory of God I just received the alert.
    I return all glory to God ❤️🙌😇

  102. Eniola Olayiwola

    We have been trusting God for provision to pay my brother’s tuition fee. He called yesterday and told us the portal for payment was closing on Friday. My parents were very disturbed. But I told them not to worry, because I have been praying and adding it to my confessions since Monday. Because, I had so much confidence that the God who had answered the prayers of other testifiers would answer mine too, I told my brother God was going to sort it out before the end of yesterday. And God did it just the way I said it. Last night, God miraculously provided the money and it was more than we hoped for.

    God indeed is a faithful God, and “The One Who Answers Prayer Is His Name!”

  103. I had breast cancer, pls note that I said I had because I believe it is now in the past and there a very deep sore where a major vein closer to the heart broke and there has been continuous bleeding and severe pains. I bless God that as the program is going on, the pain is reduced and I believe the bleeding will stop because I feel so much joy in my heart more than before.
    I give glory to God and I thank Him specially for a perfect healing.

  104. I was trying to pick something from the kitchen when my phone fell and the screen hit the tiles.I picked it up and found out the screen wasn’t functioning again but I was happy that I was connected to the telegram platform and that didn’t stop playing as I could still participate though my phone wasn’t pressing.

    After the declaration by 8:55pm,i had the conviction to just declare and i said ‘this is the worst time for devil to even try me’.I went ahead to eat and by the time I was done,I picked up my phone and the phone that stopped working for about an hour started functioning back💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

    Glory to God

  105. Owoseje Oreofe

    Glory to God forever
    I complained about my charger on the church’s group,I laid my hands the charger and prayed on it and even the charger and the charging port are in good conditions

    I enjoyed favour but i trust God for more financial breakthrough

  106. Adeleke Joseph oladeji

    Glory to God forever

    I received an alert from the USA, from a stranger Glory to God forever.

    The rain of favor is indeed falling.

    The breaker is really on our side in this house, sincerely the angels are really working, this man promised me since last two weeks and he couldn’t say anything about it again, not until he was compelled by power.

    God bless the pastorate

  107. Oluwanifemi Esther

    I want to thank God for being a good Father, just this week I saw someone’s testimony and I key into it.
    I was trusting God for money, like my account was beyond red. And miraculously today a customer that has always been asking for price without buying just sent a message to me that she wants to order for a product, I just gave her the price I wanted. And particularly, the product has been with me for a long time and I was really praying to God to sell it off for more than 6months now.
    Just this afternoon I sold it out and my account has been smiling at me since.
    I bless God for the grace in this house, truly it works.

  108. I want to thank God for my exams..

    I had failed a professional exam but God changed it for me and they were the one that came to.apologies that they had made a mistake.

    I wrote 3 professional exams this year and I passed all.

    Thank you Jesus

  109. I have a testimonial to share people of God. So my sister was shortlisted for an Immigration job early this year. She wrote the exam and even went for the training. Alas, when the Job posting came out, her name was not among. After several month of waiting, just this morning, someone from immigration called my dad and asked if he knows my sister, saying her appointment letter is ready. We thought it was a prank. We called the person again to confirm and then immediately, we booked a flight from Lagos to Abuja. She has landed safely in Abuja and just called now that she has been given the appointment letter and asked to come for proper registration and documentation tomorrow.

    It is indeed a season of breakthrough!!!

  110. Eniola Olorunfemi

    I want to thank God for Health. The devil thought he had me but the Lord was my stay.

    I have never been sick like this but I kept on repeating the daily affirmation and I am strong now.

  111. Since I graduated last year I had no job, the job I applied for gave me no response till date. I maid over 60 if not more PhD cold e mails to professors but I got rejections upon rejections. I listen to Pastor Lawrence during a crossover vigil for the month of June. He said we should pray that our capacity is enlarged and that God can use 1 yr to cover 10 yrs. I keyed into it with some prayers from my best friend. Mid June a fitness company gave me an award amongst 200,000 participants. I got $25,000. I wanted to switch my profession, but the school fees was high, I needed £38,000. My family discouraged me but I kept the faith. I applied, I passed the interviews and got my admission. I applied for NDDC and also passed the exams and was called for an interview and they will be paying my full school fees. Please join me thank Jesus.In less than 6 months He was Jehova Jireh and my Ebenezer.

  112. I want to thank God for God’s grace & favour. This week has been a week of unusual favour.
    First, someone handed me over her Facebook group full of 1200 ideal clients for free- this is worth about $3000.

    Another friend also handed me a course that he purchased for $7000 to help me set up the Facebook group to be profitable.

    Finally, the CEO of a international organization offered to support me to set up our 2024 business plan to make $250,000 in profit next year for free- This is usually worth about $1000.

    Thank you Jesus.

  113. Tolulope Esther

    I’m grateful to God, it has been on my mind to join DGC since I attended the 12-hour Ibadan prayer charge, I stay around the airport, so the distance started discouraging me. I joined in October 2023, and that was when the power series was on. Someone I bought something from in the area offended me and I had the urge to make peace but I was all in my head saying I wasn’t wrong. But the week after I joined the church, I was passing her shop and I felt the urge to greet her, as I was still fighting the thought of greeting her in my head, I just realized I opened my mouth and greeted her, it wasn’t normal to me, it felt like the power of God impacted me! I greeted her and I felt free from that day. I am grateful to God.

    My second testimony, I have been trusting God for a laptop, my mom promised me but I know she just retired and it was going to be difficult but God had other plans. After the November cross over service on telegram, the next morning my mum got her after retirement payment that she wasn’t even expecting until next year. I’m grateful to God for breaking protocols for her sake. It was a major breakthrough. She was able to support me to get my laptop and I’m grateful because I had already made up my mind to also get the laptop next year. I’m grateful to God! I’m so grateful for DGC, and I know this is just the beginning of great things to come! I’m here for growth in all spheres of life and I know as growth is by force, I’m aligned!

  114. Olajide Emmanuel Ajayi

    I want to give Glory to God for giving me the grace to round up my NYSC program last month, and the best part is that, before I entered camp, I wrote down some things to accomplish during my service year which I thought it would be hard to do or not even be possible because of finance but I just did out of faith and I thank God everything was marked done successfully after pastor Lawrence prophesied and taught us about taking some actions by instructions during Battle Axe Retreat which I took so personal.

    Another thing God did that wowed me is that, I started to join this church the following Sunday I left camp but NYSC changed my PPA from Ibadan north local government here to Egbeda local government at Alakia that made some of my people we lived together at NCCF there to say that I won’t be able to go to that my church because of distance and mostly because of T-Fare, even me I thought about it because I was not receiving any dime from my PPA, but I prayed about it and I told God that if you want me to still be coming to this church o, I know you that you will be providing for me and I will not be stranded and GBAM, God shocked me by bringing clients to my Animation skill that I did not even run advert for to give me work and that was how that area was sorted and my conviction that DGC is where I belong to even got superly strengthened.
    God has been ever faithful to me in all areas since I have been part of this family that I can’t explain finish because I will only explain tire and still not end.
    Church just help me to shout one single heart-felt hallelujah to Jesus!!!

  115. Good morning church, I want to thank God for his Favour that surrounds me like a shield. Last night I was just thinking about how I have not paid my tithe in a while, not because I don’t want to but I have been spending so much money on my project lately, so I was just thinking that I have not paid my tithe in like a month or so now and I would love to pay my tithe as soon as possible and to also be paying weekly. People of God, I got an alert this morning that really shocked me and I was able to pay my tithe in full(plus the one I owed). I just want to thank God for favor and for being so intentional about me and for always providing, he hears my silent prayers, I am so grateful.

  116. Good morning church, I want to thank God for adding another year to my life, I want to thank God for his faithfulness over my family, his unfailing love and for leading me into DGC, My prayer life has never been the same. Glory to to God

  117. Abosede Deborah

    It’s indeed our season of breakthrough. I’ve been having the leading to reach out to my sponsor for a while now but I keep forgetting. So, yesterday I finally did and the reply he sent to me was *Prepare for your masters in the UK*. (I just told him I wanted to say hi o). God is good and His mercies endureth forever. Glory to God.

  118. Adedeji Precious

    Good evening family
    I saw a sister’s testimony this morning about the payment of her school fees
    I keyed into the testimony that before the end of today I will pay my fees
    Family members God came through oooo
    I have paid my fees
    Indeed power compels men to favor you🔥❤️

  119. Julius Bethel Nneoma

    Good morning church, my name is Julius Bethel Nneoma.
    I also have a Testimony
    I had no money and I had to pay for registrations and textbooks and food and materials too. I just sat on my bed thinking of what to do, I was like hope this is not SAPA and then I remembered what pastor said in church and then I thanked God for all he has done in my life and then I slept off and when I woke up, I saw an alert, my brother had sent me money.
    GOD IS TOO GOOD!!!. I must say, since I came to school I have never been stranded.

  120. Success Olomolatan

    I also have a testimony
    I was supposed to make a payment in school a night before the deadline I didn’t have anything at all, I prayed and slept, I woke up to a job from a customer times 10 of the money I really needed 😇😁💃💃💃

    I’m also thanking God in advance cause I have a payment that the deadline is on Friday, I’m thanking him for times 10 of the money needed

    Glory to God

  121. Balogun Daniel

    I want to thank God for seeing me through my first medical professional exam…..The lord held my hands all through it…and I want to appreciate him ahead for the excellent results his going to give me.

  122. Olajumoke Ogunleye

    I am blessing the name of Jireh because He is faithful to His words. I celebrated my birthday the week that I joined this church and it was the first birthday that people blessed me monetarily on my birthday. People I wasn’t expecting to gift me not even send me money turned up. A sister sent me money and I asked how she got my account details. The gifts kept pouring in till the end of October. God had already told me earlier this year but I waved it partly because I wasn’t a fan of birthday celebrations and I barely post. I take it as a sign of favour and I know God is faithful. In addition, I needed some money to pay for a training, He still provided the money without me having to touch my savings. God is indeed Jireh.

  123. Marvelous Akinbayo

    DGC has been a place where I find comfort, peace, and joy, most especially family. Looking back to where I was coming from, I bless God for where He brought me to at a very crucial season of my life. I joined DGC in April 2022, and I must confess it has been from one level of growth to the next. I learned more about forgiveness, patience, and joy. Kai, DGC, carries an atmosphere of joy, tranquility, and power. I could remember being tired and fed up with all that had been going on in my life, and as soon as I stepped into church, everything just left me. The heaviness was lifted, and the joy of the Lord overwhelmed me so much that I couldn’t stop dancing throughout the week.

    I’m grateful to God to be part of this great family. In DGC, I have learned how to be bold, confident, and more rooted in the love of Christ.

    Let me share a short testimony. I came to Ibadan for my NYSC, and I joined the church as a timid, non-devout prayer person, but ever since I joined DGC, I have experienced transformation that even made my parents allow me to stay back in Ibadan after NYSC. Pastor taught about honoring our parents, and he asked us to call our parents, give them gifts, and ask for their blessings. My dad and I don’t usually agree on a matter; I always argue with him, but after calling him that day, we’ve become best of friends; we talked, gist, and laughed.
    Also, there was a time when I received a call from home that my mom was sick, and I told them to give her the phone. They said she didn’t have the strength to talk too much, so I prayed for her and told her to start doing what she couldn’t do before, which she immediately did, and before evening I received a call that she was doing well. I have numerous testimonies. Is it when Pastor Lawrence taught us about consciousness and I was confessing the words ‘I am conscious and I am aware’, then I joined Mama Dara’s Let’s WAR program, and after prayers we did some confessions that can build consciousness of who you are in Christ, after the prayer, I had the nudge to keep on praying using one of the confessions she gave us that day, so I prayed, then stepped out the next day. I was going for my CDS, then I entered a cab. I noticed they just started conversing about taking me back to Ojoo in Yoruba. I was actually going to Dugbe. So I spoke out that I was going nowhere with them, and they became so shocked that they asked if I understood what they were discussing. I told them confidently that either they would take me to where I was going or they would stop. They were so shocked, and they dropped me. As they were turning back, they were staring at me. Then I said to myself that they don’t know that I don’t walk alone; I have a backing, and I laughed. Thank you, Jesus🙇

    I’m grateful for the gifts of our shepherd, pastorate, and leaders. Thank you for yielding to the Lord and for being passionate about our shift and growth. I’ve experienced a lot of transformation and growth within a year of fellowshipping in DGC, and I am ready for more.
    Thank you, Lord🙇.

    Happy 2nd anniversary to us! Cheers to more of God🥂, Cheers to more growth🥂, miracles, and wonders🥂
    I love you, @Pastor Lawrence and Mama Darasimi Oyor, @Pastor Godwill and Mama Toju Oyor, and I miss them. @Pastor Akwua Victor, @Apostle Samuel Babalola, and Mama Christianah, and I miss them too❤️🤍❤️🙇. 

  124. I am grateful to God for a family far away from home. Last year when pastor preached on the fatherhood of God I had no understanding or experience of it. Fast forward to when pastor preached on confessions I started confessing that I experience the fatherhood dimension of God. It looked like I was wasting time and pastor preached on how that our confessions might not happen immediately or the way we want but we should not give up so I continued confessing . The was God has gathered me in the past few months have been amazing. I rented a house and men and women furnished the room for me. I didn’t have to ask my parents for school fees because God’s favour was at work. My needs have been met and exceeded in this season. I am now experiencing favour. God raised for me money for a new phone and I have gotten a new phone of my choice. God has sent my way the gift of men. I am very grateful to God for these and many more that he has done for me.

  125. Ooreoluwa Soneye

    God has really been good and there is absolutely none of His goodness I can deny. I joined DGC in March, 2023, and I can say my life is a testament that God is good. What is so evident in my life these past months is GROWTH. I have grown, I have become more intentional with my walk with God. I now spend more time with God than I used to. Everyone now sees more of God in me and I speak more grace than I used to. I have become kinder and I love more. I have received answers to lots of prayers and questions, things become clearer to me by the day, and I now speak more life. It is all God and I thank God for giving me a family here. DGC is my place of rest. My home! I love it here and I can’t get enough of DGC!

  126. Adejumo itunu

    I want to Bless the name of the Lord for He has indeed increased me greatly since I joined This wonderful Family last year… It has been from one level of growth to another.
    The Lord has increased the ministry and Vision He gave unto me, there has been great Testimonies from everyone the Lord placed in The Ministry He gave unto us and we have increased greatly since we started in March 2023, we did not Just increase physically but we also increased spiritually..

    I want to really bless the Lord for wisdom He constantly gives me to Lead those He placed in the ministry and Vision He gave us.. Blessed be the God of David.

    A big Thank you to the Pastorate for words in season and time, I Love the Davidic Family

  127. Aderibigbe Opeyemi Blessing

    I want to appreciate God for his goodness in my life. I joined the Church in June and the church has really been impactful.
    My testimonies are in two sections. The first was that God healed me of my asthmatic attack. I have been looking unto God for divine healing and I want to testify that ever since have joined the Church my attack has stop coming even at times when Satan wants to raise his ugly head immediately I rebuck it in prayer ,it will just stop.
    My second testimony is that have been experiencing some emotional trauma from home due to the fact that my dad started embarking on the journey of adultery. I reported him to his brother who was a pastor but he actually didn’t stop after so much warning from his elderly siblings.
    So on the 22nd of October I came to IB to attend the service at Church because I wasn’t happy with what was happening at home. I even got to church late but what i learnt from pastors message that day was that we should always listen to instructions from God before doing anything. Immediately I got back to home that night i had a dream seeing someone telling me to report my Dad’s concubine to God in prayer that I shouldn’t see it with the physical face again, because my dad no longer send us money again. Even it went bad to the extent he told all of us that day to go and look for our father.
    So immediately I woke up from my sleep I started praying in the holy Ghost reporting the woman, prayer request were coming from my spirit man concerning the situation. After prayers I sang praises. To my greatest surprise on the 4th of Nov my mum called me and told me the woman in question is very sick ,that all the hospital they av taken her were rejecting her. To the glory of God and Shame of the devil my dad changed and begged my mom,he sent money to the four of us. God is still on the throne, I listened to the instructions in my dream to put everyone in my family in prayer,I prayed that any spell my dad is under should be broken and God should fight for my mum and deal with anyone who is interested in destroying my family. He did it the woman was taken to her hometown and their ifa priest said she has fought with her maker. My God for my battle and showed himself.God bless pastor.

  128. One reason I love DGC is the manifest presence of the Lord. That’s what stands the church out for me. And that’s what is making the difference in my life. I can recount several times I came to church with questions that got answered during the service. I’m a wiser, more loving, and a kinder version of myself. Plus, God’s word is coming alive in me. I’m not where I should be but I’m definitely not where I was. I’m a proud member of DGC.

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