Lawrence Gomba Oyor

Lawrence Gomba Oyor is a young and passionate lover of God whose sole drive is to see a generation of young people consumed with hunger for more of Jesus.
He consistently desires and pursues a deeper walk with the Holy Spirit, which is the inspiration for his relentless drive to invest time in communion and prayer.
Lawrence Oyor has been used by God to bless the body of Christ with many songs among which love for God, desire for greater light, and revelation of the ways of God are consistent themes.

Darasimi Oyor

Oluwadarasimi Gloria Gomba-Oyor is an iconic leader, minstrel, writer, playwright, and movie producer. She is an internationally recognized speaker and a resilient advocate for personal and spiritual empowerment.
Oluwadarasimi is a talented writer and spoken word artist. Her spoken word presentations are always electrifying and usually espouse godly wisdom for intentional living.
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