“Except we saturate the heavens over us with faith-filled-words as inspired by the Holy Ghost, things might remain as they are.”

~Samuel Babalola

Samuel O. Babalola is a passionate and purposeful kingdom minded believer and witness to the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. His impactful kingdom labor and consistent services over three decades have brought significant advancement to denominations and churches. He holds a firm view and sees himself as an apostle and ardent advocate of the ecumenical status of the church of God.

For more than two decades he has committed his resources to leadership and mentorship, especially of young people. His strong flair for organization and management afforded him the opportunity to serve on several business boards, sensitive committees and leadership platforms.

He is committed to humanitarian services and activities to provide support structures for the vulnerable in the society through various programs on a global scale.

He is presently Principal Partners of Peter’s Advocate and Solicitors, a law firm committed to the course of helping the poor, defenseless and families in Ibadan. He serves as an administrator at the Davidic Generation Church, which is an expression of the Springs of Freedom Christian Centre in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. 

He is married to the lovely daughter God, Christiana Oluwaseun Babalola. The union is blessed with a godly son, Obedience Kabiesi Prince – Babalola.

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